AMD Athlon Upgrade

  JonnoTractorBoy 20:58 23 Jan 2004

I currently have AMD Athlon XP1800+ CPU. I'm always after a bit of extra speed and wonder whether its worth upgrading to an Athlon 2400+ for 65 quid. Any views?

Am I right in thinking thats the fastest I can go to with a 266 motherboard?

Also, can I use the same heatsink and fan from my 1800+?

Lastly, is it a fairly easy job to fit a new CPU for a comparative novice.

  glen2409 21:12 23 Jan 2004

You are doing the same upgrade as I have done. it is well worth it and i have noticed the benefits.
You need to check on motherboard company website to see what your board will support upto or check the manual. Same with the heatsink and fan.
I got a motherboard bundle that included the cpu,fan and heatsink so new compatible. I have a copper heatsing that keeps cpu around 40c.
Processors are very easy to fit but need to be careful in handling.They will only fit one way and you need to line up correctly and should just drop in. I do find heatsinks a fiddle tho.

  jakimo 21:43 23 Jan 2004

£55.52 OEM\61.04 Retail click here

  BBez 21:56 23 Jan 2004

go for an Athlon with the Barton core as they offer better performance than the thoroughbred core

  BBez 21:58 23 Jan 2004

XP 2600 333MHz FSB Barton (£80?), run with decent HDD and XP multitasking rocks on it...

well worth the extra dough...

  BBez 21:59 23 Jan 2004

sorry, just read post, 266 mobo, kung-fu no-good on mobo...with previous chip

  dfghjkl 22:45 23 Jan 2004

or xp5200+

  Double Helix 10:44 24 Jan 2004

I was interested in the XP3200, but where is the xp5200+ from, dfghjkl?!!


  961 11:07 24 Jan 2004

Bet it's expensive. I tend to od that sometimes!

Check motherboard manufacturer's site to see how fast it can go and if there is a bios software upgrade needed and if so, if you can download it from the site

It's easy to fit but you need to take care not to damage the motherboard when you fit the heatsink

Get Upgrading and Repairing PC's by Scott Mueller from your library or look at the web site
click here

I would say that a complete new mobo with processor heatsink and memory fitted and tested is worth considering. See Novatech web site. More expensive but gets faster system

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