AMD Athlon MP 1900+ CPU on Asus A7V8X-X ?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:01 20 Nov 2004

I have fitted this "AMD Athlon MP 1900+ CPU" in a Asus A7V8X-X Motherboard. It seems to run fine but checking the details unless I understand it wrong it is not supported on this board.

So if the CPU runs on this A7V8X-X MB & Asus say not supported how come it is running.

The only thing I have noticed is Spider Solitare, ME, the Audio is very much out of synch with the deal of a pack of cards bit like poor Dubbed TV.

Can someone confirm should run this AMD MP 1900+ CPU on this motherboard cos I don't know if I get the gist why asus don't have it in the CPU support list for the MB.

I am expecting the machine to be running Simms & Tycooon game, should I change it to a Athlon/Sempron

  BigMoFoT 12:28 20 Nov 2004

The 'MP' stands for multi processor and your motherboard only has support for a single based processor so I would change it...

The idea is you would have 2 of those processors running together on one board sharing processors..

  Giggle n' Bits 12:45 20 Nov 2004

Will spend some pennies and get another cpu.

Glad I didn't buy the MP, I thought it was a Mobile Processor

Just a quick Q on this I installed windows ME with the MP in, if I change it, do I/would I need to reinstall Winodws ? or just change the CPU please

Thanks again BigMotFoT !

  georgemac 13:16 20 Nov 2004

click here and enter the exact codes from the label on the cpu - it will tell you exactly the processor and the settings

even if it is an xp-m mobile cpu, you would probably have to set all the settings manually in the bios - the desktop bios may not be set to recognise a mobile xp chip.

  Rayuk 14:42 20 Nov 2004

There is no need to change your WinME os just swap the processor out.

  Rayuk 14:55 20 Nov 2004

Dont think there is any reason why it wont run in this board it has same GHz speed multiplier cache and voltage requirements.
It can be run as a single cpu in a twin cpu board so shouldnt be a problem.
The MP part was a lot more expensive than the normal Athlon so of course people wouldnt buy it to run as normal single cpu in a SocketA board.

Unless anyone else can throw any more light on the subject.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:04 20 Nov 2004

Thanks for your reply, interesting.

So I understand leaving the MP 1900+ in my Soket A Asus board will be fine. All the pins are the same.

only question is now then Does the MP 1900+ have MMX or 3D Now is it ok for Games/multimedia ?

  georgemac 15:45 20 Nov 2004

click here(3720) your settings in the bios should be 133(266) fsb, the multiplier should be 12x, frequency should be 1600 hz and core voltage should be 1.75 volts

why don't you download click here everest home edition, run it and see what it says about the cpu/settings

  georgemac 15:48 20 Nov 2004

click here proper link thanks to tinyurl

  Rayuk 15:53 20 Nov 2004

click here
Something for you to peruse

  Giggle n' Bits 21:02 20 Nov 2004

insteresting articles. I take the MP is a decent processor then.

Now I will post a new thread as I had 1 little niggle.

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