AMD Athlon 64

  SDJ 19:53 15 Jan 2003
  SDJ 19:53 15 Jan 2003

Anyone have any ideas for more information on this as the official press release didnt really say much.

Basically want to know when will it, and should we have it and what socket?

  woodchip 20:19 15 Jan 2003

You will not get any benefit from using it as windows is 32bit system Redhat linux will I think support it, but there aren’t any programs ether that's written for it. So you are in for a big wait

  DieSse 21:08 15 Jan 2003

If you wait until it's on the market, along with some motherboards - you'll not only know for sure (rather than just guessng) - but there'll be some proper tests, and you can make an informed buying decision.

Keep you're eye on Toms Harware Guides if you're desperate - he'll be ahead of most others, and certainly in advance of what's actually on the market.

  Gaz 25 21:18 15 Jan 2003

Id tend to stick with a Athlon XP although I am tempted for these AMD opterons and Athlon 64's

Sound gooood!

But as woodchip says a big wait.... :((((((

  two00lbwaster 21:21 15 Jan 2003

socket is something like 754pin socket
click here
i think that amd are waiting for microsoft to be ready to release the 64bit edition of xp so that the amd chip has the maximum power behind it from the offing

  two00lbwaster 21:22 15 Jan 2003

even 32bit benchmarking apps will run faster under the hammer in xp64 and thus will put amd ahead of intel in all probability

  SDJ 22:39 15 Jan 2003

Cheers, just happened to see the amd website and thought "I havent seen any magazines with this in?"
You all answered my question thanks for your help. I guess the reason I wanted to know is I am still on an Athlon (socket a) processor and thinking about upgrading to AthlonXP but I have a knack of upgrading one day and the next something new coming out. I know what you will say "Thats computers for you" but I was being litteral. I recently purchased an all in dv editing package (firewire included) without thinking that I could have upgraded my motherboard with I394 and bought the software for the same price.
Cheers all. I have another small concern but will start a new thread.

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