AMD Athlon 2000XP Overheating To The Max!!!!

  iamlee 23:54 25 Jun 2003

Hey All.. Last Nite Was The First Time Which I Checked My CPU Temperature In My Bios. The Temperature Was Hitting 79°C. I Was Shocked When I Seen This. I Bought A New Heatsink And Fan Which Is Capable Of Supplying A Amd Athlon 3ghz With A Good Ammount Of Air. I Have Tried Almost Everything To Try And Get This Temperature Down.. Ive Even Used A Desktop Fan 12", Still Not Decreasing Any Temperature. I Think It Could Either Be My Motherboard Or Maybe My CPU, Since Its Hitting Really Hot Temperatures... My PC Wont Boot Up, Im Running WinXp Pro, And I Still Get A Blue Screen, And Sometimes I Get A Request Asking For NTLDR File??? Any Ideas People? Would Appreciate It Very Much.

  caast ©? 00:04 26 Jun 2003

Try a couple of case fans, one pushing air in, and another pushing air out, also try taking side off your PC see if there is any change.

  iamlee 00:06 26 Jun 2003

I Already Tried That.. Makes No Diff At All :(

  Djohn 00:48 26 Jun 2003

How have you connected the heatsink to the CPU? Have you used past, or thermal pad, if paste how much? j.

  iamlee 00:50 26 Jun 2003

ive used the bonding paste which came on the heatsink itself.
do you think it could be anything to do with the power supply? i got a 300watt one..
Gigabyte GA-7VTXH Mobo mayeb its the powersupply?

  Djohn 01:26 26 Jun 2003

Sorry for the delay, I was reading another thread. I doubt that the PSU will have any bearing on the temp. of the CPU. The fan from the PSU will remove it's own heat and some of the heat build-up inside the case.

The fan connected to your heatsink will, or should keep your CPU at the correct temp.You say you have replaced the heatsink and fan with a new one! Have you made sure that you cleaned the top of the CPU core itself, so that no trace of old paste has been left on?

When fitting the new heatsink, did you remove the protective tape from the thermal pad before fitting? j.

  iamlee 09:34 26 Jun 2003

There Was No Thing To Peel Off... Just There Was White Paste On There.. I Fitted It Fine... I Could Try Chaning The Powerpack Becasue I Have A 300Watt At The Mo... Could Upgrade To 400+ Think That Might Work???

  The Transporter 10:04 26 Jun 2003

Check that the voltage for the cpu is set to auto in the bios. Also that you have the latest bios version installed in your mobo.

Make sure that no cables are causing trouble with air flow. Also that the actual heatsink is sitting squarely on the pcu. Not offset in anyway.

Also try taking the cooler off and making sure there is no dust inbetween the fins, it could be restricting air flow.

  iamlee 10:13 26 Jun 2003

hey buddy... tried that still no joy :( do you think the gigabyte mobo is giving the incorrect readings??

  The Spires 10:28 26 Jun 2003

I recently fitted a 2000XP into a case with just a front & PSU fan, and the stock AMD fan for the CPU, this was done on a temporary basis, the CPU temps reported were sill below 50c, the most was around 53c. The case was overall the most unventilated case you could find. So as I see it either the temp is being reported inaccurately/your chip is running at the wrong speed or voltage/there is lacquer from the original AMD sink on the Cpu/incorrectly fitted heatsink.

  iamlee 10:30 26 Jun 2003

Do You KNow Which The Voltage Should Be Set At Mate?

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