AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz CPU -Cooling Fan

  dewskit 11:37 13 Nov 2004

Since switch on a few minutes ago, the CPU cooling fan on this machine seems to have developed square bearings and is making terrible noises.

I would be grateful for advice on the type (? Part No...) of the replacement I need to get and suggested suppliers.

Will sign off soon after sending this and check again later in the day as this is the only machine I have Internet Access on, and do not want risking damage by overheating

Many thanks

  Rayuk 14:20 13 Nov 2004

Check the size of the fan and just replace that.

  Dorsai 14:25 13 Nov 2004

Try click here plenty of fans/heatsinks etc. Have used them and had no problems.

also click here but have not used.

  jack 14:29 13 Nov 2004

Mine does that too.
From time to time.
I have in the past though that the blades are impinging on something - e.g the heat sink
and slacked off the screws slightly.
That stopped it--------but it came back after a while, So I left the side off the machine and when it started again I wiggled the fan casing
...........that stopped it........for a while
a long while actually- but this morning it started
The machine is all cased up now so I whacked the top of the box.........that stopped it......for how long now I wonder?

  Dorsai 14:37 13 Nov 2004

Whacking a PC might help a noisy fan shut-up.

But it may well upset your Hard Disks, which do not like violent knocks. You may end up with a quiet fan, and a dead Hard disk.

  Gongoozler 14:42 13 Nov 2004

As long as your Athlon is socket 370 and not slot, then this one click here or this one click here should do the job. If you're changing the whole heatsink, make sure you remove ALL traces of the old compound first. Even a tiny spot of old dried compound can cause the processor to burn up. If the new heatsink fan size is the same, an alternative is to swap fans from the new heatsink to the old one in situ.

  Gongoozler 14:53 13 Nov 2004

Sorry about the slip. I should have said "As long as your Athlon is Socket A click here and not slot click here"

  dewskit 17:16 13 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone. Will get one ordered up and hope to be quiet again early next week!

  jack 10:23 14 Nov 2004

The Clattering Fan
Here is a possible cause and a remedy
A fan is also a propeller, as it spins drawing fluid [air/water] over its blades so it tends to move forward through it.
How firmly it is anchored is the prevention.
In our Athlone processors, the fan casing is held onto the heatsink by self-tap screws that cut between the vanes – not exactly a tight fit. So in use the fan housing will gradually screw itself closer to the heat sink, until the blades impinge.
Remedy - slacken off the screws lift up the housing and apply a drop of super glue
To each screw where it enters the heatsink.

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