AMD 64bit compatable components

  _plAsma 11:16 29 Aug 2004

Hey everyone,

could anybody please recomend an AMD 64bit setup (eg the processor, compatable ram, compatable mobo)?

Or are there any mobo combos out there?


ps: lowest cost possible but with good performance still :p

  Pete_W 11:41 29 Aug 2004

I upgraded last week from an AMD 800Mhz setup to an AMD 64 3000+ with Asus K8V mobo & 512mb DDR ram... works like lightening now!

  _plAsma 11:43 29 Aug 2004

may i ask where you bought the components? (if you bought them online) so i can have a look into them..

  bremner 11:45 29 Aug 2004

Exactly the same as me, I bought these.

click here

click here

However is should realise that AMD have changed their socket to 939 pins and will not take the 754 pin beyond 3700+ as I understand it.

  Pete_W 11:51 29 Aug 2004

Got them at a local computer fair £255. I've still got other hardware from the old setup which I will replace in time mainly as y XP home is OEM & I think I have to not replace to many changes at once for the activation process... see other link going.

  Pete_W 12:11 29 Aug 2004

bremner, that's a good price, does it include AMD heatsink & fan set?

  bremner 12:15 29 Aug 2004

Yes - it is complete with fan

  _plAsma 12:20 29 Aug 2004

i understand that 64bit is the future and will mean i am exactly does it improve performance? does it make your system muuuucch faster?

  bremner 12:24 29 Aug 2004

Currently there are no 64bit operating systems other than a Linux based one.

MS will launch one in the near future. When it does you will be in a postion to make use of it. The biggest difference will be the way memory is addresses and this will it is said bring a noticable increase in system performance.

I took the decision to go 64 bit as my machine was long in the tooth and I was going to upgrade anyway - it seemed silly to go for a 32 bit system when the reality is that 64 bit is the future.

  Pete_W 12:33 29 Aug 2004

Is the Linux OS worth playing with to explore the capabilitys of 64 bit technology?

  _plAsma 12:56 29 Aug 2004

right, im gona get 64 bit! i was going to upgrade anyway from my current AMD athlon 1800+ system...why not go for 64bit :)

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