AMD 64, Which one?

  Benzo 22:53 26 Nov 2004

i need a bit of help here, i am buying a new amd 64 cpu at x-mas, and i wonder which one i should get, initially, i was going to go for a socket 745 3200 newcastle, but now i think ill get a socket 939 seems as theyre not much more (winchester 3200) or if i can make my budget stretch a to a 3500 ill get one of them, what do you people think?

PS: whats the difference between 130nm and 90nm


  stalion 23:08 26 Nov 2004

info click here

  Benzo 00:31 27 Nov 2004

does the amd 'retail box' sets come with garuntee and heatsink,
thanks ,


  temp003 05:31 27 Nov 2004

Get a socket 939 (and a motherboard supporting it) as socket 939 will be the mainstream platform for AMD. Gives you more room for upgrading your CPU if the need arises. Also, socket 939 supports dual channel memory.

  Rayuk 14:48 27 Nov 2004

One important thing to check when buying is that if your Athlon64 is a Winchester that the motherboard has the right bios on it.

It has been noted by people in another forum when they have bought motherboard and Winchester only for it not to work out of the box because of this.

  Benzo 11:49 03 Dec 2004

is there a way of flashing the bios without a cpu onboard?

  temp003 15:01 03 Dec 2004
  Jdoki 15:46 03 Dec 2004

To answer your questions...

The retail box will come with guarantee (against defects but little else) and an approved heatsink and fan. This should be fine for your system.

If you are concerned it may run hot - for example if you have a couple of hard drives, poor airflow in your case, or a big graphics card such as a Nvidia 6800GT or Ultra, then it might be worth looking at a better HSF (heatsink and fan).

From a performance perspective there is no real difference between the 130 and 90nm chips - and as 130nm are often cheaper than their equivalent 90nm chips then that might be the way to go (I have a 130nm 3500+)

I believe that the 90nm chips run a little cooler, and use a little less power.

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