AMD 64 or AMD XP3200

  nick35 13:40 31 Oct 2004

I am thinking of ungrading my computer from an AMD XP2500 Barton core processer to one of the above processors.

Am I better upgrading to the XP3200 which is now only £100 or to one of the 64 processors which are more expensive.

The xp 64 3200 is £60 more expensive


  BeForU 14:10 31 Oct 2004

I would think you are better to upgrade to the AMD64 since there is no point in upgrading from a 2500XP to a 3200XP. I mean you could easily overclock your 2500XP to the 3200XP's speeds so theres no point in wasting money on it. 2500XP Barton cores are known to be very good overclockers as depending on if you are very lucky, they can achieve speeds greater than the 3200XP. Of course your motherboard & memory are also important too.

Upgrading to the AMD64 will gain you huge performance benefits especially if you are into games for example. Only problem is & unless you have the money for it, you would have to buy a new motherboard and perhaps more RAM to achieve its full potential.

  Elrond 14:25 31 Oct 2004

You could go for the AMD64 3000+ which is currently £109 at ebuyer. The reviews on there sound good aswell. Some have said that it is just as good as the AMD64 3200+. save yourself some dollars and go with the 300+

  Phil930 14:34 31 Oct 2004

Its a no brainer. I went from an XP Mobile clocked at XP3200 speeds to an AMD 64 3200 Newcastle and to be honest i have seen a performance increase.

Its minimal and i did upgrade other parts of my computer, but the AMD64 cpus are just simply put fantastic.

They run very cool (especially if you have cool n quiet software running). The stock HSF that i got wiht mine from ebuyer is very quiet and the stability is second to none in my opinion.

  PSF 14:37 31 Oct 2004

click here If you are going for a AMD 64 it is best to go for the 939 pin as it is the new standard. Updating in the future will just be another cpu and not motherboard as well. Until the next configuration come out...

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