AMD 64 - To Bother or Not to Bother

  Elrond 20:06 12 Nov 2004

I'm looking to put together a new system which will be primarily used for some intensive digital imaging stuff and some 3D modelling. So already looking at huge storage options as a main concern. My main wonder is on the AMD64 processor. I've read up on it a bit over the last week and in a way it seems a little pointless to go down that route as 1) there are very few if any full 64bit applications(and i dont know of any 64 bit edition of Photoshop coming out) 2) its fine to run 32bit applications on the chip(through WinXP pro 64 bit edition) but its through some sort of emulation which ultimately slows things a little. However, I'm thinking I could go for AthlonXP but it would cost more for an XP3000+ than a 64bit 3000+. So basically I need some advice on what action to take. Should I buy the 64bit chip and run it on 32bit Windows with all the 32 bit software and be ready for 64 bit apps or go athlonXP route? How does the AMD64 perform when its only being used as a 32Bit processor? Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks for your time

  Totally-braindead 22:18 12 Nov 2004

Have a look at click here and you'll see that the XP is a bit cheaper than the 64 bit version, only about £20 though. I'm not sure personally if the newer chip will run any faster as it stands at the moment but I have heard some stories about problems people have had with certain programs so personally I'd go for the slightly cheaper XP chip and spend the extra £20 on a better motherboard or some add on for my PC. However having said that if you're able to delay a while on your new PC then the processors and the boards would be cheaper and hopefully any problems would be ironed out. Perhaps someone else on the forum has a 64 bit processor and can answer your question better.

  The Spires 22:55 12 Nov 2004

I have a AMD 3200 64 bit in this system, I haven't had any problems and it does run very well. No problems with SP2 either.

  Phil930 23:00 12 Nov 2004

I too have an AMD64 Newcastle and it is exceptional. Previously i had an AMD XP3000 and i have noticed a small performance increase. The reliability has been better for me though. I would never look back on an XP again, the 64 bit ones really are well made.

They run cooler and faster. They are an improvement, and considering the price of them now it would be a mistake (IMO) to buy an XP.

The cool and quiet feature of an AMD 64 is great. Also, packed with a great mobo (i use the asus K8NE Deluxe), is an exceptional multipurpose machine. The stability is excellent. No crashes in 3 mths, and its left on for about 10hrs a day.

  Elrond 09:15 13 Nov 2004

Thanks for the responses guys. Anymore for anymore?

  Elrond 11:41 13 Nov 2004


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