AMD 4200+ to 4800+

  Escavar 13:46 16 Aug 2006

Is it worth it? Or is the 4200+ good enough? I should just get 1 more Gig of ram, and 7900 graphics pcix and I'd be good to go or would the 4800+ be alot better or what would be better than the 4800+? Also how do I find out what my mother board is capable of?

  GaT7 13:54 16 Aug 2006

I wouldn't upgrade if I was you - not enough of an increase in performance vs. price to warrant it.

If you have your motherboard's make & model, visit the manufacturer's website to learn what it's capable of (in terms of the 'best' CPU, I'd assume?).

If you don't know what make/model, one of these two utilities should tell you - Belarc Advisor click here or Everest click here. G

  GaT7 13:56 16 Aug 2006

The extra gig of memory & better graphics card looks like a good idea, but 1. what do you have already in terms of these & 2. what are you mainly using the PC for? G

  dth 14:02 16 Aug 2006

4200 to 4800 isn't a big enough jump to notice. I agree with the other posters - go for extra ram and/or a better graphics card instead.

  Escavar 14:06 16 Aug 2006

6100 graphics and 1,024.00 phys mem 2 gigs virtual mem 544 available phys and 1.96 available virtual. Whats the difference between these two and this is dual core so do I have twice the phys mem or how does that work 2,204 MHZ twice don't know the difference between all this stuff. Thanks!

  Escavar 14:07 16 Aug 2006

yes gaming

  GaT7 14:13 16 Aug 2006

Yes, I'd confirm the extra ram & better g'card is a good idea, if you're playing the latest games & can afford these upgrades.

These links explain virtual memory & its settings very well click here, click here & click here. G

  Escavar 17:22 16 Aug 2006


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