amd 2600+

  TRICKY2 05:48 03 Jan 2004

Ive just fitted an athlon 2600+ to my msi 6590 mobo (which needed a flash to use it) and it works fine except that although it is showihg up as a 2600, i cannot get to run at its proper speed, it seems to be locked at 1.94 gig instead of the 2.13 it says on the box.
I've tried all manner of bios setting including the clock multiplier but nothing changes.
Also, on the box it says its a thoroughbred, but with 512kb of L2 cache surely it must be a Barton, or am i just stupid.
Any advice would be greatfuly recieved

  matt1234 08:11 03 Jan 2004

contact amd

  bremner 08:13 03 Jan 2004

If the box says it is a 2.13Ghz model then you have the 266MHz model of the 2600+.

The BIOS settings should be FSB = 133 and multiplier = 16

ie 133 x 16 = 2.128 (2.13GHz).

There is no 'Barton' version of the 2600+.

There are two versions one which you have and the other a 333Mhz version with a clock speed of 2.08GHz.

  bremner 08:18 03 Jan 2004

I forgot to ask -

Why you think it has 512Kb of L2 cache.

  Blokka 09:48 03 Jan 2004

Sorry there bremner but i have to disagree because according to ebuyer there is indeed a 2600+ barton which is a retail packed version click here

You may want to check the reviews on this product as well from other purchasers as they to seem to have the same problem with clock speed.

  Rayuk 10:09 03 Jan 2004

There are 3 versions of the 2600+
2.00Ghz = Barton {166/333}[512 cache]x12
2.08GHz = Thoroughbred {166/333}x 12.5
2.13GHz = {133/266}x16

There are 2 ways to check what you have
1.Remove cpu from motherboard and write down all that is on the cpu.Plus the die on a Barton is bigger than the others due to the extra cache.

2.Download cpuid from amd and run it
click here^871^9706,00.html

  Rayuk 10:11 03 Jan 2004

click here
Should now get you to cpuid

  bremner 11:06 03 Jan 2004


I was looking at an obviously out of date list of the AMD processors on Toms Hardware

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