AMD 2.6+ Computer cuts out / overheating

  User-C4A99A0D-B10F-4EA4-90591C97C090750A 12:37 22 Sep 2005

I have an AMD 2.6+ and I have had a problem for a long time in that it cuts out after a period of use, usually with champ manager or Adobe photoshop. If I left the side off it was OK but I have just installed a new heat sink and fan (quieter) put the side on and it cuts out after a few minutes. How important is the type of paste on the heat sink? Any ideas welcome.

  SantasLittleHelper 12:48 22 Sep 2005

Hi, what Mobo are you using, if it is an MSI you can down load a good program called CoreCenter from MSI, it will give you all the info and temps on your chip and Mobo. As to paste, one of the best in my estimation is Arctic Cooling Silicon Paste. It is possible that if your new fan turns slowly to minimise noise you might have to go into the bios and see if there is a setting to stop the fan speed shutting down the computer.

It's an ASRock K7S8X about 15 month old. Fan speed is 2786 but I cant suss how to tell CPU speed. (In bios Its around 49)

  Pineman100 18:23 22 Sep 2005

Is it possible that - as well as the cpu fan/heat sink - the machine also has a psu cooling fan, which has failed?

I can't see any other fan

  BBW 19:58 22 Sep 2005

The paste must just cover the indents of the CPU face. You can't see the indents, so that's how little you use. Any more and the paste hinders heat transfer to the heat exchanger, causing overheating.

  PC Bilbo 20:01 22 Sep 2005

My 2nd PC is running Asrock K7S8XE Rev3 with Sempron 3000+ & an Akasa 827 Heatsink & Fan with 500W PSU with 12cm fan drawing air in from above processor .In addition, I have 8Cm Side case fan blowing cold air towards CPU.

When I last looked at temps with ambient room temp of 25/26 Deg C, my Mobo was running at 35/36 Deg & CPU around 39/40 Deg C. Of couse these temps, particularly CPU, will rise with both increased CPU activity and higher ambient temperatures.

Have you loaded a free temp monitor top see what is happening under load? You will probably have to increase cooling fans but the Power supply fan should pull out most of the heat at tick over.

  Dorsai 20:24 22 Sep 2005

Thermal grease does matter. Some are better than others.

But I dont think they make a huge difference.

5-10 degrees C, yes, I can understand.

If the CPU is that (IE 5-10 C) close to overheating, it's getting too hot regardless of the grease..

You say you have no other fans. That might be the problem, especially when you say it's fine with the side off.

It might be that the PSU fan is getting a bit lazy, and it's action as an exhaust fan is failing??

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