BEAT 15:43 21 Jul 2003

Hi people, my PC shows my proc. to be an 1500+ at startup when it should show 2100+. ive had this problem before and after holding down delete after switching on (to get into menu) i changed it back, but it keeps returning to 1500+.
now, when i try to press delete at startup it says 'enter password'- and i havent put any passwords in! no one else has access. can i reset passwords elsewhere? is my proc. playing up? i have changed the battery. please help! thanks.

  The Transporter 15:45 21 Jul 2003

go to your multiplier settings. in the bios. set the fsb to 133mhz, and the multiplier to auto. Then it should run correctly at 1733 mhz total speed.

hope it helps

  The Transporter 15:48 21 Jul 2003

You should see a battery about the size of a twenty pence piece on your motherboard. Take it out and leave it out for about 20 minutes. Also if you have a cmos reset jumper take that out while the pc is off. put it in the alternate setting and then put it back. before turning the pc back on!!!!!.

Hopefully that should work

Also your motherboard might need a bios update.

Use your manufacturers website to find out if there is one.

  BEAT 15:57 21 Jul 2003

im a little unsure here. not done much like this before. how do you get into the bios settings? multiplier settings?

thanks for your help. will try as soon as i arrive home! cheers.

  The Transporter 16:32 21 Jul 2003

key like above to get into the menu with the blue screen (the bios) navigate across usually to the top right choice which is the "clock settings / multiplier" choice. select it and go into the multiplier settings.

there should be a line that says "front side bus "with a default value of "100" select the "100" and with the + key keep pressing it until it goes upto "133".

Below this will be a clock multiplier setting. Keep this as auto for trouble free settings.

Escape this and then keep pressing escape until you get back to the main blue bios screen. Now navigate down to the bottom right and select. "Save settings and Exit" or similar choice. WHen it prompts you if you want to save these new settings press enter and let it reboot.

AMD processors are called i.e. XP2100 because this is the speed equivalent to an intel 2.1 ghz processor. It actuall runs at a lower clock speed becuase it can do more operations per cycle.

Something like 9 operations per cycle to intels 6. SOmething like that. So this means AMD can run at lower clock speeds and have similar results.

So an Intel 2.1 ghz processor runs at 2100 mhz.

Where as an AMD XP2100+ runs at 1733 mhz.

The cpu itself has a front side bus. This is allowed to be changed by the user, being you.

Amd uses 133 mhz for your type of pcu, and 166 mhz for the latest XP2500 and above processors.

The clock multiplier just gets it to its required operating speed.

so 133 x 13 = 1729 ish )due to the fsb usually actually being about 133 .33 mhz.

The battery for the bios will just be sat on a small clip device on the motherboard. Just take it out and leave it out like above and then put it back in.

If unsure about cmos jumpers. dont worry. Start the bios up after having put the battery back in. It should have now granted you access. Go to a choice that says "load default settings" select this and then save this and press enter at the prompt to reboot. Go back into the bios. ten do the above to set the cpu correctly. Also go into the boot sequence and set the order you wish the computer devices to start up as. If you hardly use the floppy drive, set the hard disk as the first device to boot. WIll speed things up a bit.

Hope it helps a bit any other questions please ask. I will or anyone else will do there best to help


  BEAT 17:58 21 Jul 2003

all sorted. thank you very much. well done.

  The Transporter 10:35 22 Jul 2003

No problem, glad its fixed

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