AMD 2000+XP

  tbh72 13:03 02 Feb 2003

I have a mobo which did have a 850 duron processor, This processor has been upgraded to an AMD 2000+XP. The Bios offers two settings, one is 1.25Ghz @ 100Mhz, the second is 2000XP @ 133Mhz. The bios & bootup work fine on both settings, temperatures remain constant give or take 1 oC but win98se will not load using 2000XP setting. Do I have to make additional changes or install MS Windows Patch to make the operating system work at the faster speed?

  Djohn 13:12 02 Feb 2003

tbh72, 2000XP @ 133Mhz. is the correct setting/reading, not sure why this is affecting install of 98se though.

  tbh72 13:15 02 Feb 2003

The operating system is installed & working fine, but only at the lesser speed. I am currently @ AMD looking for answers!!!! Nothing useful yet. I was hoping for a patch similar to that provided with the AMD 350 all those years ago, ooop's it was only three, lol

  bremner 13:18 02 Feb 2003

What is the motherboard? It may be that a bios upgrade would have been required to have enabled the board to jump effectively from a Duron 850 to a Athlon XP2000+

  tbh72 13:20 02 Feb 2003

Reaches for the mobo manual..... The Bios does recognise the chip at the higher speed, the boot process concludes at a black screen with egg time active in win98se

  Djohn 13:34 02 Feb 2003

tbh72, Still think this is just a setting prob. on the board or in the BIOS. What make is the board?

Depending on the board, you may have to alter the jumper settings from there.

  tbh72 13:40 02 Feb 2003

The board is a PCCHIPS M810LR, I have also looked at there site to no prevail.... It's no great hardship as 1.25Ghz is more than enough for me... But it would be nice to see windows working at 1.66Ghz

  Djohn 13:47 02 Feb 2003

Found this message for you and the replies, (Several), all pointed to a BIOS update, those that did the update then had the correct readings and operating speed. Hope this is of some help to you, J.

Hi everyone- quick question.
I was looking at some reviews of the motherboard fitted to a new PC I bought on the net.
It’s a PCCHIPS M810LR motherboard. The processor is an AMD 1800+, which is apparently a 1.53Ghz processor.
The motherboard reputedly only supports up to 1.2Ghz – according to PCCHIPS website.

Am I going to have compatibility issues with this motherboard / processor?

Have I bought an absolute donkey?

  tbh72 13:59 02 Feb 2003

That certainly makes me think you might be correct Djohn. when I brought the board I was advised it would support upto 1.2.

Did the other person mention where / how to update the bios... Can it be difficult or cause problem's if it goes wrong.

If it's an easy thing to do, then I am happy to proceed, but I would just die if I lost the PC again!!!!

  Djohn 14:08 02 Feb 2003

Unfortunately not, but replies do seem to suggest that updates to BIOS where obtained from PC, Chips web site.

Check with this site to confirm you have the latest Update, if you have , then I would think an e-mail to them will be in order, as all other postings suggest that the web site concerned is a little slow in updating it's site.

  Rayuk 14:09 02 Feb 2003

faq for PCChips M810LR is
click here

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