Amazon Delivery

  Irfman 20:47 26 Mar 2004

Hey i know this isnt a computer problem but has anyone bought pre ordered an item. I pre ordered an item and it was released today. do you think it will come by tommorow. the delivery estimate 29 march - 30 march.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:54 26 Mar 2004

Irfman - check the site and see what it says about your recent orders; I have preordered a book since last July, published in January and still not delivered.

Amazon say they don't have it but can point me to three different marketplace sellers. I bought it elsewhere since but have left it on preorder just to see what is likely to happen to it!

  Belatucadrus 21:17 26 Mar 2004

I've had pre-orders turn up before the official release date and up to two weeks after. As Amazon are in the hands of the publishers, this is a question with no single correct answer. Anything could happen.

  microswift 22:13 26 Mar 2004

There are not many carriers that deliver on Saturdays, if your item cost more than £25 and is being delivered via super saver delivery (3-5 days) then the estimated delivery date seems about right. I have pre-ordered 1 item (xbox game) which was delivered two days after release.

  Pikachu 22:46 26 Mar 2004

If you went with the free option very unlikely you will recieve it, although they do seem to be slightly quick with the super delivery.

I remember one incident where I ordered a book and found that I recieved it 7-10 days after purchase and a mate of mine ordered the same thing but a day or two after me and recieved it within two days both of which went with teh free delivery; although he ordered more items then me. So im assuming the more stuff you buy the more chance of a quicker delivery. Very unlikely you will receive it next day. are one of the best companies on deleivery times if you are buying games, never ever had problems with them, also receieved it the next day

  carper 11:45 27 Mar 2004

I had delivery from Amazon in the states in six days, a month before anticipated delivery

  so3003 11:50 27 Mar 2004

It really is variable, because Amazon can obviously only ship it to you when they receive it from the publishers - and if their warehouse isn't particularly near the UK Amazon warehouse, then you might have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive.

On the other hand as some other people have said, pre-order items can arrive earlier than the release date if the publishers send out stock before this, to allow pre-emptive shipping.

Hope it comes soon!

  Chronos 12:07 27 Mar 2004

One thing you can be sure of with Amazon is, you will get it, not once with all the gear i have got from them, have i been let down....

  fitcher 12:29 27 Mar 2004

I paid the extra for early delivery ..took over a week .but not always amazons fault .deliverers could have been sitting on it in the warehouse . one packet arrived sunday morning left on the door step ..all in all ok
4 out of 5

  bremner 13:30 27 Mar 2004

I preordered Unreal Tournament 2004 with Amazon and paid for 3 - 5 day delivery.

The game was launched last Friday (19th) and I received it on Saturday (20th) delivered by my postman.

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