Amazon 2 part links

  hooligan 17:36 13 Apr 2004

click here

I have tried for months to do to links to amazon. I give up and now trying again i can do the copy and paste ones ok

But these were you download the graffic and copy text in 2 parts i cant do.

I download graffic copy text

Incert graffic from pic box

Then place text in the box html

then try and put the text box under the pic box

It comes up with a little blue t

and i get like it is is above



I'd suggest that you simplify your life and ignore the code thay give you as a whole, just put the picture on your page then select the picture and in the properties panel click link and put http : // click here (without the spaces and with your ID restored) .you should put in association with as the alt tag.

that way NOF will do most of the work for you and you wont get confused by all the code.

  hooligan 13:08 14 Apr 2004

i dont get it

I get the incert pic and the link, but do i put in my amazon id and what else ive tried to copy above on the link but lost.

(simplify)I wish ! simple thats me


i didnt think that would turn into a click here as there were spaces in it.

your amazon ID is in the link, its the wwwcott99ka08-21 part.

you say you know how to put in the link, so just cut everything between http and diytools (inclusive) and enter that as the link.

disregard the rest of the code the give you as NOF is alredy doing the work

in case it might help you (though it might confuse you more) you could take a look at a working example on this page click here , view the source of that page.

  hooligan 15:26 15 Apr 2004

click here

When i did the botton ad i copyed pic then copyed text then added to a link and it comes up unavailbe

thougt id got it that time

all this to try to make a pound

i wanted the bottom add on my home page on were the nav buttons are as its small.

i bet its easy. If your shown how to do it

cheers H 5

cut the line <IMG ID="Picture2" HEIGHT=60 WIDTH=100 SRC="../assets/images/diytools_button5.gif" BORDER=0> out,everything before it should be enough I think.

the buttons above are working, but that's because they are using the pictures from the amazon server.

  hooligan 11:16 17 Apr 2004

click here'><IMG%20SRC='home_outdoors.gif'%20alt=''%20BORDER='0'%20></A>

i get a help page when i type what it says now.

is sounds simple when i read the amazon site place in the same page as hmlt and download the graffic

why cant i get it ! iam gonna do it dont know what year !


  hooligan 11:20 17 Apr 2004

oh when i click above its ok....but when i copy and place it all like it says i get the help page.

i tried like you said and it never went right

go try again

  hooligan 16:20 17 Apr 2004

click here

but ot does not go there when i click the graffic


must be a easy way my heads done in

  Forum Editor 17:49 17 Apr 2004

using the Amazon code, because it retrieves the image from their server, and ensures that your click-through rate is recorded.

It is actually very easy to do, provided you follow the Amazon instructions, and use the NOF 'insert HTML' tool.

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