amazing site

  Rosieb 22:27 21 Aug 2006

Just thought Id mention that I find this site amazing. Everything you've ever wanted to know but didnt know hwo to ask! Well done.

  Diversion 23:09 21 Aug 2006

Welcome to our world. You won't go wrong with the advice given here, they are a great bunch of people.

Regards D

  sean-278262 23:47 21 Aug 2006

"Welcome to our world. You won't go wrong with the advice given here, they are a great bunch of people."

Lies! Any advice I give can be guaranteed almost useless.

  sean-278262 23:47 21 Aug 2006

As for other peoples advice it ususally is correct and quite helpful.


  Diversion 00:45 22 Aug 2006

Creature of the Nite
I don't know about that I've followed quite a few leads of yours and I found them to be very helpful.


  anskyber 10:36 22 Aug 2006

It is, but do not get addicted, there is no rehab clinic for PCA, I've looked!

  Cymro. 11:34 22 Aug 2006

Yes a great sight. The only problem I find is that people don`t give enough information at the head of their posting and so you sometimes read the whole post only to find that it is of no interest, but even then you may learn something.

  Strawballs 20:08 22 Aug 2006

I must be beyond help then because I usually have this one and computer trouble open at the same time bouncing back and forth.

  smonoco 21:25 23 Aug 2006

It is great help and you get it fast. It's like the magazine.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:59 28 Aug 2006

your just Two of hundreds of the best the Tech Gods here. U Saved my bacon loads, and I like to learn from the best, which you both are up their with. Don't put yourself down as Diversion say's etc ... he dosn't divert away from your help.

KEEP IT UP, Best IT Forum in the UK I Wonder ?

How do PC Tech Forums rank, that would be a good survey. FE ?

  Forum Editor 19:33 29 Aug 2006

I'm not sure, I suppose that a fair measure of their success must be the number of people who use them, and that must put us fairly high in the charts - we have well over 1.2 million posts in the current archive, and we regularly remove large numbers of the older posts.

A few years back our forum was nominated for an industry award, but on the night we were beaten to it by one of the national newspapers (I've forgotten which one it was).

Nevertheless, we know that we're the envy of many other computer forums - we get news on the grapevine - and people as far away as Australia, South-east Asia, South America, South Africa, Mainland China, and of course America visit us regularly. We're watched by many of the industry's big companies, including Microsoft, and you'll see our forum threads appearing at number one in the Google search lists on many occasions.

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