Am I Win 98 or 98SE?

  MickinPlymouthUK 14:24 13 Jul 2006

In technical discussions with AOL they tell me I've got Win 98, but I could have sworn I've got 98SE.
How can I find out for sure?

  MAJ 14:26 13 Jul 2006

Click the Start button and look up the left-hand side on the menu that appears.

Or right-click on "My Computer" and choose Properties.

  MAJ 14:29 13 Jul 2006

Go to Start > Run, type in:


click OK, click the System tab.

  MickinPlymouthUK 14:30 13 Jul 2006

I got this in "Sysinfo", but is it SE or not? -
OS=Windows 98 4.10 (Build 2222)

  MickinPlymouthUK 14:31 13 Jul 2006

Dxdiag also gave me -
OS=Windows 98 4.10 (Build 2222)

  woodchip 14:34 13 Jul 2006

It should be 98 4.10 2222A

  Joe R 14:36 13 Jul 2006


The version you have is S.E.

  woodchip 14:41 13 Jul 2006

It does not show the "A" I just checked my 98se for the above.
It also says Second Edition When you right Click My Computer\Properties

  MickinPlymouthUK 14:48 13 Jul 2006

Aha! the My Comp readout says "Second Edition", so that's settled then :)
Yet an AOL tech adviser argued with me earlier this afternoon saying I wasn't SE!
(For the record I tried to install AOL's free Spyware prog but it wouldn't install, and their tech "expert" told me that was because I wasn't SE.
"But I am" I said.
"No you're not" he replied..)

  MAJ 14:51 13 Jul 2006

As woodchip says if it's 98SE it should read 4.10 2222A

  MickinPlymouthUK 15:14 13 Jul 2006

Hmm...this is a verbatim readout of the My Comp properties -
"Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222A"

The AOL tech guy asked me to mail him a "Sysinfo" readout and this is part of it -"OS=Windows 98 4.10 (Build 2222)"

He then came back with "Ah,you're not 98SE, that's why you're unable to install AOL Spyware because it's only compatible with SE"

So I'm still a bit confused. If I really am SE, why won't the Spyware install?
And why is there an 'A' on the My Comp readout but not on the Sysinfo readout?

All this is doing me 'ed in,I shall have to go for a lie down..

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