Am i a virus dummey or is me that is thick

  hen-lady 12:47 31 Oct 2006

Got free avg also free zone alarm and adware se,after my computer was got at, I thought i would try some free downloads to see what was on the market.Do they put somthing in them to make it look as you have more virus then you have,so you will buy their product.Or if it is right, and i have that many why is mime not picking them up.

  VoG II 13:00 31 Oct 2006

Some of them do - don't get anything on this list click here

Safe ones are Spybot click here Superantispyware click here Windows Defender click here Ewido click here a-squared click here and Spywareblaster click here

  hen-lady 13:12 31 Oct 2006

Hi VoG Thanks, got to go to work now will read properly when i get back.

  AVG 15:57 31 Oct 2006


I can confirm AVG does not produce fake results with any version to try and make you buy it. Our top level of customer support and additional security offered by our commercial range is normally a good enough reason to buy, oh and topped off with our 2 year licensing policy offers extremely good value ;)

  Jim Thing 16:07 01 Nov 2006

Good to see someone from AVG on the forum.


  Yeldarb 23:24 01 Nov 2006

I have the same confusion as Hen Lady
Although I have AVG on my computer, I get the same messages every time I log on
a) Your computer is at risk
b) Your virus protection is out of date
How can this be ? There is no address or email to query it with AVG,

  Devil Fish 00:05 02 Nov 2006

i dont think you get tech support with AVG free but the forum may be worth a look 2nd down update issues click here
may have a solution to your problem

  terryf 01:30 02 Nov 2006

YELDARB, do you check for updates? If you have the paid for version, they send you emails, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day when updates are available but I suppose you get what you pay for

  hen-lady 10:28 02 Nov 2006

Yes i scan every time i go on the net to keep the the virus down.

  hen-lady 10:54 02 Nov 2006

I am sure your virus killer is fine, the problem is why if they are working right do they pick up so few virus, and nothing from AVG, when i try new downloads, they are in the hundreds this can not be right. As i am a beginner how do i make sense of what is right or wrong.Even if they are free they should pickup more then 5 or 6.

  AVG 08:47 03 Nov 2006

With out seeing any scan results it is difficult to say. Please check where these 'detected' files are stored, maybe they are in the 'vault' of another product you installed or in an area you asked AVG not to scan (note AVG Resident Shield would stop them from running anyway). Also they could be objects that AVG Anti-Virus is not designed to scan for such as some spyware items which I recommend you try AVG Anti-Spyware.

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