Am i stuck with 1mb bb forever ?

  grabster 16:44 16 Apr 2006

Hi,having been on BB for 4 years now and moving up from the 1/2 meg service to my present 1meg ,actually up to 2meg but i am too far from my local exchange (1/2 mile) to get the 2meg service.I wonder will i ever get faster speeds or am i doomed forever to be stuck with 1meg ?
It doesnt seem right when neighbours can get a 10meg service from nthell and others nearby get 2meg upwards from the same exchange as me .
Will things ever improve and how can i find out more about local BT upgrades ?

  johnnyrocker 16:46 16 Apr 2006

click here i was under the impression most high speed adsl were good for up to 3k or more


  Minkey1 16:53 16 Apr 2006

The "footprints" from exchanges are growing all the time, and the kit to support higher speeds is being installed so it might be worth rechecking availability from click here and click here or ring your ISP to ask for a line check, quoting your neighbours service. If some are on NTL is your street cabled ? I've just moved from a 2meg BT service and they could only provide 512 at the new place, so I switched to Telewest as the street was cabled and got their 10meg service.

Good luck !

  Minkey1 16:54 16 Apr 2006

sorry pasted first link twice, second should have been click here

  grabster 17:13 16 Apr 2006

Thanks for the speedy replies,just checked your link minkey1 and here is what i found
"According to BT Wholesale, your line should be able to support a 4.5Mbps or greater ADSL connection via ADSL Max.
what is this and how do i get it ? i am with and having checked their website i dont see any info about maxdsl or upgrades.

  spuds 17:23 16 Apr 2006

Tesco's are just the middle man, they do not provide the actual connection. So it would be best to contact them about the service that they are able to give, and who actually provides the connection.From that information, you should be able to see what service could be possible to your door.

  Stuartli 17:38 16 Apr 2006

If you are only half-a-mile from your exchange and it is capable of a 2MB service, then you should have no problem in getting that speed in normal circumstances.

If you go here you can check exactly, either from entering your phone number or town into the search box, what your local exchange can deliver speed wise and even which of a number of ISPs have facilities there:

click here

The website also lists which exchanges are ADSL Max enabled.

  Stuartli 17:40 16 Apr 2006

Tesco probably charges some of the highest prices for the slowest speeds of any ISP in the UK - in actual fact, as already pointed out, it is a Virtual ISP in the same way it doesn't actually own a financial institution but uses an established organisation (RBOS, IIRC).

  grabster 17:51 16 Apr 2006

I realise that tesco work the way they do,and that their service is supplied by NTHELL but my service is 100% apart from the speed issue.
I have only recently signed up with them after having a miserable time with Plusnet and their everchanging TOC's so have about 8 months of my contract left to run.
Who do i contact then to enquire about upping my speed and any costs involved ?
I have emailed tesco support but i think maybe i will wait a while for a reply...

  hzhzhz 18:00 16 Apr 2006

I was downgraded from aol platinum to gold because our line wont support 2mb so I'm stuck with 1mb for heaven knows how long.

  spuds 18:35 16 Apr 2006

"Who do i contact then to enquire about upping my speed and any costs involved?"

That would be Tesco's, your internet contract provider.Why is it that you think you will a while for a reply!.

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