am I safe to upgrade?

  mco 18:59 29 Nov 2007

I've had for several years a 'Singapore' Opensource gallery attached to one of my sites. Lycos the webhosts installed it; I didn't need to do anything myself. For a long time now I've been prompted to get it upgraded to the latest version - they would do it automatically, but I have been put off by their caution: you are advised to back up all your files ... I have 180 MB of photos in this gallery and I just can't download them - it keeps failing. Do I really have to make a backup copy? Would I be safe just to click the webhost's 'upgrade' button and assume they'll do the business and not lose me everything?

  MAJ 21:27 29 Nov 2007

It's risky not to backup, if they advise you to do so before upgrading. What problems are you having trying to backup?

  mco 22:22 29 Nov 2007

The folder all my images in is 180MB and when I try to download it I just keep losing the connection.

  Kemistri 22:24 29 Nov 2007

If you're having trouble getting the files off the server via an FTP client (just a guess on my part), try downloading them all with a download manager such as FDM. Couple of clicks and then leave it to do its thing. Almost certainly quicker to download as well. click here

  mco 18:03 30 Nov 2007

Well I must be stupid- I took your advice and got FDM - I can connect to my site fine just like in my regular ftp program and I can see the folder I want to download but when I select it and choose to download it says 'building files' and then loses the connection - so I am no nearer.What am I doing wrong?

  Kemistri 18:29 30 Nov 2007

The problem might lie elsewhere, either at your end of the connection or possibly a lack of prompt response from the server. If you can post the name of your site, I'll see if I can get images from it, just to try a process of elimination. I use FDM a lot and occasionally find that it can download files where my browser has failed.

  mco 23:13 30 Nov 2007

Thanks for the offer, but in the end I managed to download the 180MB using my regular ftp client and taking 3o minutes to do it - so the upgrade worked fine ..however.. I've since downloaded other stuff off the internet and have found FDM a far quicker way to do it, so thanks for that link!

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