Am I protected from internet baddies?

  muscic lover 15:01 22 Apr 2007

I have a linksys internet wireless router WTR54G, I have MSXP with microsoft firewall switched on,
I use AVG free edition (updated daily), I use CCleaner - Spybot search and destroy - Adaware special edition - windows defender.

Am i properly protected from internet baddies, trojans and the like?

Do you reckon I need to add anything else to this system set up?

Over to you guys for further advice, and thanks in advance too.

  rodriguez 15:06 22 Apr 2007

That should be sufficient protection. You just need to make sure you keep all the virus definitions up to date, but this is usually done automatically or it tells you when updates are available. If you want to test your firewall, click here scroll down and press Proceed. You can then run each of the tests to make sure your firewall is set up properly, the best one being All Service Ports.

  Pineman100 17:20 22 Apr 2007

The Windows XP firewall operates on incoming data, but not on outgoing. So, for example, if a Trojan or other similar malware got on to your computer, there's no control over it sending outward information about your activities.

  Strawballs 17:24 22 Apr 2007

You have the same same router as me all I will say is that if you are using the wireless facility to make sure that you have the WPA encryption switced on.

click here Look in the security section.

  Graham. 17:32 22 Apr 2007

But a domestic PC will have nothing to interest a hacker.

  irishrapter 17:59 22 Apr 2007

"But a domestic PC will have nothing to interest a hacker."

I have seen that comment many times about people who don’t have good or any wireless security on their network.

Common ones are:
“I don’t have any thing of interest on my computer”
“I don’t care if someone uses my internet access as long as they cant get into my computer”

Problem is if someone does connect to your network, either via an insecure wireless connection or a badly secure internet connection, and starts to use your internet connection to download illegal files, or worst still child porn, who’s door do you think the police will be kicking in!

  Strawballs 19:08 22 Apr 2007

My thoughts exactly not only will they be knocking down your door, you will also be helping someone obtain child porn without them being detected.

This is what I said to a friend of mine who said he didn't mind others using his wireless and that even if the police don't find anything on his computers the neighbours will still be saying "there is only one reason police take away computers" his next words to me were "how soon can you get here and set up the encryption"

  irishrapter 20:48 22 Apr 2007

Yes, all it takes is the implication.
The police could be on your side and even if they could prove you had nothing to do with the downloading it’s the neighbours that will be doing the implying.
How does the saying go “There’s no smoke with fire!”.
Can you imagine trying to explain to your neighbours about wireless networking and encryption! Most would not have a clue!

It’s only a matter of time before some innocent person is on the end of that scenario. (If they have not been already!)

  irishrapter 20:49 22 Apr 2007

Doh.. should be "There’s no smoke without fire!”.

(Why cant we edit posts!)

  muscic lover 15:35 23 Apr 2007

Many thanks folks, most interesting comments indeed. The encryption is set up and works ok, and i see what you mean about the windows firewall too.

Again, thanks for the advice and i can rest slightly easier now as well.

Top stars to PC advisor

  Kate B 15:59 23 Apr 2007

I'd add A Squared to your list and scan with it; and the XP firewall only blocks inbound traffic so I'd replace it with something like ZoneAlarm.

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