Am I Overheating?

  The Moog 13:20 05 Feb 2005

I have recently purchased an Advent T9102 desktop PC (Pentium 4 (HT) 3.4Ghz, 512 DDR SDRAM) and I am worried about the temperature the CPU is reaching or what I am being advised it is reaching. Both Mother Board Monitor 5 and SiSoft Sandra 2005 are reporting an average idle temperature of 39C, 42C when web browsing, whilst using office or other light tasks but indulging in processor intensive tasks (Football manager 2005 or analyzing MP3s for Traktor Studio for example)the CPU is reported as rising to 62C for prolonged periods of time. My main fan rarely seems to kick in much during these 60C+ periods either.

Being new to the high spec end of the market, my questions are:

1) Are these temperatures too high or just the norm?
2) Are the two pieces of software mentioned above likely to be giving me accurate readings anyway?
3) What (apart from water cooling) would you recommend as the most effective pieces of hardware i could by, if needed, to cool the CPU to an acceptable level?

Forgive my possible naivety, I am just a bit clueless on this matter.

  961 13:44 05 Feb 2005

Have to say that if this is a new system it should be covered under warranty and you'll get no joy if you start opening the case yourself

E-mail the helpline and quote the figures and see what they say

I'm an AMD man myself and know that many AMD Athlon processors run at upwards of 80deg without problem and within spec. The figures you quote would not give me cause for concern, but, as I say,Pentium is a closed book. Have you looked on the Intel web site for processor temperatures?

Finally, what do you mean by "main" fan? Although some of the system fans may go up and down in speed and, I suppose, may stop altogether, the fan on the processor runs all the time doesn't it?

If it's under warranty and working well and ain't broke why try to look for trouble. Just enjoy

  woodchip 13:46 05 Feb 2005

At that temp no problems

  JIM 14:05 05 Feb 2005

You idle speed are good.(lower than i would have expected)

Your reported temps as rising to 62C with Football manager 2005 may be a tad higher than your expecting but not excessive to the point of causing damage in my view. Under 70 deg C for the 3GHz + proc you should be fine.

Got to allow for some monitoring miscalibration.As long as your main case cooler fan is working.Also take in account poss room temp

With a recently purchased system would be inclined not to alter to much for the time being,(warranty for installed speck,so any poss malfunctioning is there problems)

my son temp records,

55 + a few degrees up while playing Call of Duty at 1600x1200 with highest detail,

  JIM 14:06 05 Feb 2005

posted before seeing other members.

  The Moog 14:09 05 Feb 2005

Thanks for the feedback folks.

I was overlooking the warranty issue (fool!). I'll leave things as they are for now. Thanks again!

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