Am I just very unlucky ?................

  Natcrow 13:31 13 Jan 2006

I have a Packard Bell PC and for various reasons needed to run the "Smartrestore" function in order to restore the PC & XP to factory settings, Packard Bells equivalent to reinstalling XP.
I did this last night and when the system rebooted began reinstalling my drivers, antivirus, broadband etc. I then connected to the net in order to run live update & start the process of replacing windows updates and SP2.

As soon as I connected I got an alert from Norton saying that 'System.exe' was attempting to access the internet, asking if I wished to allow or block access, Norton recommended I block the program from accessing the net but I allowed it to as I figured it couldn't possibly be anything nasty as I'd just restored XP to it's factory settings.

I began updating Norton's virus definitions and after a few minutes I started getting virus alerts, saying 'Norton has detected a virus on your system, details 'win32.spybot worm', Norton went absolutely crazy flashing up new alerts every time I oked the previous one.

Surely I didn't pick up a virus as soon as I connected?, I didn't download anything and I certainly didn't run any executables, I would have thought I would have had to downloaded the worm . I am now considering completeing the "smartrestore" again, do you think this is a good idea? is there any way a virus could still be present after having used a restore program in order to return a PC to it's factory state?

  Chegs ®™ 13:35 13 Jan 2006

The nasties online can re-infect literally within seconds of connecting an unprotected PC up to the net.

  djwheeler 13:38 13 Jan 2006

Did you connect to the internet before installing the anti-virus/firewall sofwtare again?

  PaulB2005 13:52 13 Jan 2006

If you do a Restore then download the update from click here first and burn to CD. Run it one you have installed Norton but before you go on line.

Also download SP2 from click here (ignore MS warning about not downloading it for one PC) Also burn to CD and install before going on-line.

  sailorbob 13:55 13 Jan 2006

I am led to believe this worm can copy itself into the start up system. May I suggest have a look at click here Hunt around the site and you will find one of the forums which which covers this problem....Good luck

  rawprawn 14:30 13 Jan 2006

Make sure that you have deleted the worm before you restore to factory settings, although I would have thought that you would be safe on factory settings,it is better to be safe than sorry
click here and follow removal instructions from Symantic

  Natcrow 15:02 13 Jan 2006

surely no virus would survive the Smartrestore would it?

  PaulB2005 15:05 13 Jan 2006

No it wouldn't.

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