Am I halucinating?

  six-h 23:49 14 Sep 2009

Or has a thread posted by F.E. with the heading "Is anybody there?" not just disapeared from the forum, but also from the "My Postings" list!!

  birdface 23:56 14 Sep 2009

Not sure I am almost sure there was a posting from Forum editor on this thread,FRUTTINET .It said stop going into porn sites.I am sure the FE would not have said that so I assume that we may have an imposter about.Either that or I am on the same medication as you.

  BRYNIT 23:57 14 Sep 2009

No you are not hallucinating, both treads posted by F.E. have disappeared or I could be going blind.

  ol blueeyes 23:57 14 Sep 2009

No your on the Drink again

  six-h 00:02 15 Sep 2009

buteman, you mean FE advocates the use of porn sites :o)
Strange things are indeed happening. lol

  rdave13 00:03 15 Sep 2009

One other post in a thread should be deleted; click here

  six-h 00:06 15 Sep 2009

rdave13: lol
Methinks perhaps there is a party at chez Thomas and his laptop has been hijacked by some sodden guest.

  birdface 00:08 15 Sep 2009

No I am sure the FE would not advocate anyone using porn sites.It was in answer to someone trying to get rid of pop ups.
I wonder how they managed to use the Forum Editor heading.Unless maybe someone nicked his laptop.

  six-h 00:11 15 Sep 2009

buteman; I agree, but you have to smile thinking of the poor sods at PCA Towers trying to field all these googlies that are being bowled at 'em!

  Forum Editor 00:18 15 Sep 2009

have gone now. My apologies for the fact that you had to suffer the juvenile antics from someone with a grudge.

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