Am I hacked?????? Can I be safe?

  muscic lover 09:24 11 Jul 2004

My wife wants to know if my PC has been hacked into.

I run windows Me and use Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet security 2002 edition, which i regularly update.

However, a man in a chatroom said he has installed a piece of javascript in our PC, and can see our e mails ( we use Microsoft internet explorer) - he seems to know a lot about what we have sent in our mail......!

Is there any way i can check this and chuck it out or, do i need to get our ISP to change our broadband account number/ details??

I run spybot search and destroy, and spyware blaster _ all updated.....Are there any other programmes that may help find and get rid of this javascript??? I dont know when this was 'installed' in our PC either.......
Is there a way to kill off Javascript, and what is it anyhow???

Any ideas , or are we being paranoid????

I have blocked my wife from this chatroom now and she just wants me to be sure....

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.....

  muscic lover 09:25 11 Jul 2004

Oh and i use mailwasher every time , and only allow a few mails to get in too along with Norton e mail checking!

  User-312386 09:49 11 Jul 2004

get a firewall, then you cant be hacked and also set up passwords for your e-mails

  bremner 09:58 11 Jul 2004

"get a firewall, then you can't be hacked"

If only that were true!

  Forum Editor 10:02 11 Jul 2004

I'll offer is - never, ever go into chat-rooms. They are a source of trouble as far as this kind of thing is concerned, and from what I've seen the conversations that take place are less than interesting, to put it politely.

I suggest that you download and run a utility called 'Spybot Search and Destroy' from

click here which should root out anything untoward.

  Androcles 10:32 11 Jul 2004

Download Zone Alarm this is a pretty good firewall it includes an email checker,and it's free.

  Androcles 10:33 11 Jul 2004

FE is right about chatrooms.

  spikeychris 10:54 11 Jul 2004

Although its possible I very much doubt he has installed a piece of Javascript. Run a search for .js in all folders, including hidden. Post back the results.

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