Am I getting a fair speed

  FatboySlim71 00:38 21 Sep 2007

I am on an upto 8mb broadband package, which I have been on for just under 7 days. I will list some results below,

Downloaded a 100mb test file, the download rate fluctuates anywhere between 240 & 305 kb/sec

Here is a link to the thinkbroadband site. I done this test around 30 minutes ago. click here

The result from the site which I done just before/after the above test give me this result 4356 kb/s.

There can be times when I am getting just 2000kb/s or slightly less from one of the above broadband speed testing sites. Previous to moving to my new ISP, I was on a 2mb broadband package, I used to regularly get 1900-1980 kb/s with that.

I have been in contact with my ISP to notify them, but they tell me that these figures are,

"well within the acceptable range for a Max DSL based product and that they can take no further action because of this"

I am roughly 400 metres (if that) from the telephone exchange) as well.
They provided the below link to show me that it is well within the acceptable range.
click here

My predicament is, do I try another ISP and risk them been no faster or do I stick it out with my present ISP. I have to say that the technical support and knowledge I get from my new ISP is absolutely fantastic.

  RobCharles1981 00:52 21 Sep 2007

Hi Fatboyslim

Whats your new provider now?

I'm now on Virgin Media, from AOL, I see Virgin Media as a great improvement now I can't fault it, I accidentally signed up for their "Broadband Bundle" including the phones offer which included 8mb Speed, I've canceled the Virgin Talk and in the current week or so I'm going on the 2mb Speed.

I still need to get the line sorted internally but a very good speed so far:

click here

What do you reckon?

  FatboySlim71 00:58 21 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply. Provider is Zen.

  FatboySlim71 01:03 21 Sep 2007

Here is a test from the same site. Ive just run it now.

click here

  FatboySlim71 01:05 21 Sep 2007

Was that speed for your 8mb package?

  FatboySlim71 01:06 21 Sep 2007

I'll have to go now up early so i'll keep this open and check back tomorrow.

  Rigga 08:19 21 Sep 2007

I'm with plusnet and live around 860 metres from the exchange.

My result > click here <


  ^wave^ 08:31 21 Sep 2007

what you need to do is check your speed through out the day i have just gone through this with my isp i get up 5 meg up to 1630 then it drops to under 1 meg till 2300 then up it goes again. i was quoted bt guide lines and i am in the acceptable limit.
news item yesterday about quoted speeds and how isps dont tell what the speed is at your location they quote only the best.

  FatboySlim71 09:02 21 Sep 2007


I have been advised to do tests at various times of the day. Like yourself I get around 5-5.MB at 7-AM in the evening it can go down till 3, 2, or just below MB, on a couple of occasions it has went down till MB.

The dilemma for me is. Do I change ISP's and risk not getting any faster speeds than I am getting now. Correct me if I'm wrong but, if I were to change ISP's would my connection be still going through the same equipment/servers etc than it is now?

The thing that I would definitely miss if I were to move ISP's would be the absolutely superb customer service I have received from Zen (this is my ISP) they are faultless in this way.

Here is a test that I have just done on the site.
click here

  Rigga 09:09 21 Sep 2007

If I were you FatboySlim71 i would stay with Zen. If you change ISP's then the line will still be the same one you currently use provided by BT. So it's doubtful your speed would increase.

Especially if you are happy with the service from Zen.


  Dipso 09:19 21 Sep 2007

Contrary to popular belief it should be possible to get the maximum download speed at all times of the day, not just off-peak. If this isn't the case it tends to be the ISP is oversubscribed. Just because BT say the speed is "within acceptable parameters" doesn't mean you should accept it. However, Zen is known as one of the better providers and I haven't heard of any other reports of possible capacity issues.

If you rule out contention at the local exchange as a possible reason click here and check the VP status is green, then it's likely the ISP is the problem.

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