Am I being fooled? as well as other problems

  lee_robinson1983 14:39 19 Sep 2006

Hello all,

I recently sent my PC I purchased in March, back to the supplier to have a new PSU fitted as the other one wasn't working properly (the fan kept catching on the casing). I received it back and it seemed to be ok. However, I've looked on the system icon in the control panel and I swear my processor has changed names, I am meant to have an Athlon X2 4800 Dual Core processor, it now has a description of an unknown Athlon Family Processor? I swear it didn't say this before? Does anyone else has this as the description for the same processor? I'm not usually this distrusting but since I have received my PC back I've been unable to play most games, I keep getting crashes and DirectX error messages as the games are trying to start up, these games worked before I sent my PC back and I have informed the company of this when it first happened 3 days ago but as of yet have still not received a reply.

  James. 14:42 19 Sep 2006

Down load AMDCPUID from click here it will/should identify the CPU

  lee_robinson1983 14:56 19 Sep 2006

Thanks James I'll do that. Does anyone have any ideas on the gaming problem?

  James. 14:59 19 Sep 2006

Probably the easiest and quickest remedy will be to uninstall/re-install the games one at a time.

  lee_robinson1983 15:00 19 Sep 2006

Already tried that James and still no joy

  gudgulf 15:06 19 Sep 2006

DirectX error messages could mean that you need to update DirectX to the latest version,or that your graphics card drivers and motherboard chipset drivers need updating.

It's looking like the pc company did rather more than change the psu.

Try running something like Everest Home Edition click here and look through all the computer specs it with what you bought originally.

Changing the psu shouldn't have caused any changes to the system BIOS or Windows.

  lee_robinson1983 15:13 19 Sep 2006

They did run tests afterwards using a software name I can't recall (Not at home at the mo). I have the latest DirectX as I've re-installed since the errors. I agree they must've done more and it worries me how I never had these problems before I sent it back and the company themselves, who are usually good at replying to emails, are not responding.

  lee_robinson1983 15:16 19 Sep 2006

something I forgot to mention, when I booked my PC in for its return, as well as the faulty PSU I also asked them to replace the chipset fan on my MB as I can getting fail messages in the start up BIOS, they didn't mention anything about replacing this though in the paperwork and emails I received throughout the return process. Could this be a factor?

  gudgulf 15:23 19 Sep 2006

When you say you've you mean that you have completely reformatted using an original Windows disc?

Or have you used a recovery disc?.....if so the motherboard and processor drivers might be missing or out of date.

That might explain a few things.

Still run will identify the hardware you have.

  lee_robinson1983 15:35 19 Sep 2006

I just downloaded from the Microsoft web site

  lee_robinson1983 17:31 19 Sep 2006

I've ran Everest and everything seems in order. Where can I get the right motherboard and processor drivers from? I've got an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MB but there are lots of different downloads on there website, does anyone know the right one?

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