am baffled which keyboad and mouse for vista

  jade25 20:34 04 Aug 2007

When l got a Pachardbell vista computer two months ago the keyboard was just an old plain one but black which l cannot manage with and the mouse would not work and there were no drivers for it so have used my labtec keyboard that if you spill coffee it went through it, good for me and a trust mouse that l have had as a spare for ages, but its big and it keeps crashing and can't find drivers and maybe it doesn't use drivers l don't know so for me its also panfull to use. Have just gone round the web loking for new ones and microsoft which has buttons galore that l would not use is at the cheapest £78 and logitech vista ones no one can seem to use so l just do not know what to get and am not paying the earth for one, any ideas please,

  rdave13 20:45 04 Aug 2007

I have a Vista premium laptop and when I need to use a mouse I just plug into the usb port and away it goes.
Can you borrow a usb keyboard to try out? Don't think you need any drivers unless you need special keys etc.

  jade25 22:21 04 Aug 2007

No don't know anyone with a keyboard, my mouse is to big for me t use as have hand problems but its been ok till today when l was uploading pictures to flickr and it crashed three times but it could have been fickr.
Can l ask you two questions with you having vista, at some websides were there is a list of things l find on some, the text drops down behind another one and you only see the top of it, does that ever happen on yours.
Also l have always used c cleaner on xp and once on vista and it was ok but tonight it needed updating so did that but when l scanned with it things were missing.
When l scan for issues, when it finished there should be fix selected issues but there was nothing.
Also there should be run gleaner button but it wasn't there and l did both those two things and was exspecting it to come up, also did the cookies and putting the ones l did want across the other side then spybot came up saying there was a problem and l had that last time so didn't do anything but next thing windows closed, good job really as l hadn't been able to click anything to take things off.
I use spybot as a lot of others don't work but everytime l scan with it it comes up with exactly 59 spyware every time and statcountr always has 50 everytime and did it this aternoon only four days since it was done but had been all over the web setting my website and blog up.
Just think l have got usd to vista then things pop up that throw you.

  rdave13 22:53 04 Aug 2007

First thing I'd do is to dissable User Account Control. Run Ccleaner again and use the issues tab. Download superantispyware; click here , update then close your browser. Run a full scan then reboot.

Next download the free AVG antispyware, click here . Update and run a full scan. Again manually reboot.
Update spybot s&d (make sure it's spybot s&d) and not just spybot or just s&d as these are inferior products trying to ride on the back of a good one!

See if your pc is better. Otherwise suggest system restore before the problems. Then reinstall above. Another good program, Vista compatible is spywareblaster, click here

  Ashrich 23:09 04 Aug 2007

re- Keyboard and mouse for Vista , I can thoroughly recommend the Logitech LX701 laser kit , wireless keyboard and laser mouse , has excellent Vista drivers and never misses a beat .


  jade25 23:14 04 Aug 2007

Thanks for all the advice will do it in the morning, l use AVG antispyware as was told here to use that with spybot but l always used spywarer blaster with xp and it was good.
Before on xp l was told to only use one antispyware but more on antivirus then told on vista you can use more as have got Defenda, haven't a lot of hope with defender as used the beta and it never cought a thing.
I think l will uninstall spybot and get spyware blaster.
Have forgotten how to get to user controle, maybe as have been online for over eleven hours,
Thanks again

  jade25 23:18 04 Aug 2007

Thanks a lot, got the name down and will look online tomorrow,

  rdave13 23:30 04 Aug 2007

NO. Only one Antivirus program and any amount of antispyware programs so long as they are manually started for scanning. Strongly suggest you don't uninstall spybot s&d. A good antimalware program so I suggest you update it and run a full scan. Use spywareblaster as a low key restrictor for known spyware to attack your system.
Hopefully you do use an Antivirus program?

  jade25 23:48 04 Aug 2007

yes wouldn't dare go online without a anti virus program, it was the first thing l did when l got online with vista, l use the AVG one and it scans every day, normally when l am going online so its a bit of a wait but would rather that than a virus.
Vista tried to get me to use norton as it had the branding on but its the last thing l would use, in 1999 my first computer l paid for norton and had lots of trouble and when it was checked over, had 136 viruses and it ruined my computer. Did also try zone at first with vista as have always used it but it was awful.
Glad l had some mail to answer otherwise would have uninstaled spy bot but will do other stuff then.
One thing l do miss is de- frag as l usd it a lot, don't say its onvista and l haven't found it

  rdave13 23:58 04 Aug 2007

Defrag is automatic on vista. Set at a certain time which you can adjust. Don't ask me now as I'm on an XP
When you first started the PC did you run any Norton feature? Check if anything with Norton is running and if so stop it. MAKE sure nothing of Norton is running then download Norton removal, click here .
Reboot and run Ccleaner. Keep the User Account Control disabled. It'll only show a nice red shield in the system tray anyway when it decides to fade away.

  tullie 07:16 05 Aug 2007

No need to wait for your anti virus,just let it do its thing in the background

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