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  holly polly 12:11 02 Aug 2004

Hi been using aol for many years now, currently on aol bb its ok, but very demanding of your comp resources and i feel like a change, and go down the convential route ,dont get me wrong aol is ok but its time to move on ,what i'd like from you is recommended isp providers 512kbs bb with no restrictions on downloading applied ,brothers on bt and there is plans to restrict his downloads per month ,unless You Want To Pay More ,i suppose if i cancel my subscription to aol then i'll have to hand the adsl modem back ,so any reccommended isp which comes with free modem and connection would be handy (saves me buying a modem -yes i'm a tight yorkshire man)
will leave this with you and check the results later .
As usual all replies greatfully recieved -regards -Hol pol....

  poogles_uk 12:48 02 Aug 2004

Have you been with them a year? If so you can change. You should be able to keep the modem. click here is supposedly very good, reccommened by an IT admin i know

  Chegs ® 13:02 02 Aug 2004

Adslguide has a full list of ISP's and users reviews of them.Apparently,Zen is currently top,and has been for a while.(would give you the link to it,but haven't finished install off)

  poogles_uk 13:15 02 Aug 2004

Or try the which magazine

  Djohn 13:16 02 Aug 2004

As chegs says Zen is top of the list for month after month. As you know I was with AOL for many years and on changing to Zen it was almost like going from dial-up to broadband. The difference really is that much. Been with them for about 9 months now and never needed to phone them.

Excellent service and speed. They will install within 3-5 days from your order. No contract but you do have to pay for the activation and modem.

click here Small but very professional ISP deals mainly with business accounts but also provides access for the domestic home user. Only open during office hours 5 days a week but don't let that put you off as you will not need to phone them. They now do a 250MB service that is cheaper than the 512. I think it's about the £20.00 mark.

  Djohn 13:20 02 Aug 2004
  JayDay 13:27 02 Aug 2004

I'm with Virgin BB. No limits. They scan email for viruses and remove spam. Very happy with them.

  johnsims 16:55 02 Aug 2004

I'm also quite happy with Virgin BB. Big plus is there is no 12 month contract, so you can test the water without committing yourself beyond a month at a time.

  holly polly 14:20 03 Aug 2004

Many thanks for the response ,looking at zen or pipex ,though the only thing that is annoying me is the £50.00 signing on fee deployed by some isps ,my line is allready adsl activated so only requires a change over on my part to another isp ,not been tied to the isp for a 12 month contract is also nice ,still deliberating -so keep em coming -regards-Hol Pol....

  Djohn 14:35 03 Aug 2004

Do a migration instead, it's much quicker and your only off-line for about 20 minutes. I believe Zen are offering free migration at the moment. [So are others] IE: No activation fee.

Phone them and ask, they will take care of all the details for you, all they require is the CBUK number from your present provider. j.

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