Alternatives to Dialer-control software?

  polymath 21:31 19 Apr 2004

I'm on a dialup connection; Win98SE, Internet Explorer(& Outlook Express)6.

I've managed to avoid the invasion of any premium-rate diallers so far, but an extra layer of protection seems a good idea.

There was some great advice in another thread (query about rogue diallers, April 12th), including a link to download the Dialer-control program, which is working well for many people.

I installed it OK, but unfortunately there was immediately chaos in the internet settings department. I couldn't connect until I'd closed Dialer-control, removed it from the startup items in msconfig, and redone all the dialup settings (TCP/IP numbers and all).

Perhaps it conflicts with my Pc-cillin antivirus software and/or Mailwasher, neither of which I want to without.

Is there other software that does the same job as Dialer-control, but might get on better with my setup? It's a bit like what happened once with a failed ZoneAlarm installation (I had to get new TCP/IP numbers from my ISP in the end, in order to get connected again - the same numbers that Dialer-control zapped). (I couldn't uninstall ZoneAlarm, as it hadn't installed the files for doing that, but what's left of it stayed quiet once disabled). My system seems to prefer to keep things simple!

My phone company will block premium-rate numbers on request, but that would mean losing, for a start, access to support from its internet department.

I'm not being ungrateful if I disappear - it's just that I won't be online again till tomorrow evening.

  jakimo 21:40 19 Apr 2004
  polymath 20:50 20 Apr 2004

Thanks jakimo.
At first glance, the relevant search result in your link seem to be all about the Dialer-Control program that I tried, but I'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, has anyone here tried, or heard of, another program that does a similar job?

  polymath 19:39 21 Apr 2004


  AndySD 20:19 21 Apr 2004

Try going to Internet Options/Security/Internet, press 'default level', then OK.

Now press "Custom Level."

In the ActiveX section, set the first two options ("Download signed and unsigned ActiveX controls) to 'prompt', and 'Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe" to 'disable'.

Now you will be asked whether you want ActiveX objects to be executed and whether you want software to be installed.
Sites that you know for sure are above suspicion can be moved to the Trusted Zone in Internet Option/security.

  paddy75 22:29 21 Apr 2004

My son and daughter where phoning mobile,premium rate,and national numbers so i got call barring from BT,this costs i think either £2 or £2.50 a month,has saved me a fortune.I think i read on another thread that this also stops your computer dialing out on a PR dialer.Paddy

  polymath 20:11 22 Apr 2004

Thanks Andy and Paddy.
I'm bearing call barring in mind, Paddy, but ideally I'd still like to make certain premium-rate calls (eg. technical help from my ISP), and I don't have to worry about phone-happy youngsters (none here!)
Andy's suggestion sounds like the way forward for me. I'll report back on how it goes.

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