Alternative to WMP11

  bruno 13:54 30 Jul 2009

I have had trouble recently downloading album information from the web. I have found a mountain of confusing information on how to cure it and have tried quite a few with no luck. Can someone tell me a good alternative programme or possibly a cure for my problem. I am on XP home.

  Stuartli 14:06 30 Jul 2009

If you play a CD in WMP11, go to Library and right click on the illustration of the album .

A short menu will appear, including Find Album Information and choosing this option will bring up a panel. You can Search for the album information or follow up what is listed by highlighting it>Next button and following the instructions.

  bruno 14:31 30 Jul 2009

Thanks for the quick response. This is the method I have used successfully for years, but it has stopped working for some reason and tells me it can not connect to the site and gives a message "", which leads nowhere.
I have tried closing down firewalls etc. but to no avail.

  bruno 14:32 30 Jul 2009

I should have said in my first post I am using WMP11.

  peter99co 16:24 30 Jul 2009

My first thought was you should uninstall and reinstall a fresh download.(of WMP11)

  Nightowl4933 16:29 30 Jul 2009

I wonder if this is a result of WMP's online store not being run by Nokia any more?


  bruno 17:05 30 Jul 2009

I will try reinstalling and see what happens.
I don't know about the Nokia thing, though.
I Googled for a solution and a lot of people seem to have the same problem.

  bruno 17:27 30 Jul 2009

I tried to uninstall WMP11, but it only rolls back to the previously installed one, which in my case was WMP10. However this has cured the problem so I will leave it as it is. Thank you all for your help.

  Stuartli 18:23 30 Jul 2009

Yes, you can only roll back to the previous version.

However, you could perhaps now try Reinstalling WMP11 with a fresh download from the Microsoft website and see if it has brought a cure.

You can always roll back again...:-)

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