Alternative IE browser

  CurlyWhirly 13:36 17 Jul 2004

In light of all the Internet Explorer vulnerabilities I have decided to use an alternative browser which should be more secure.

I have heard of a few alternatives out of Firefox, Mozilla and Opera.
Are there any more that I should consider and if so which one generally would you recommend?

I have taken this decision as lately I am having loads of Exploit trojans linked to a Russian website.
There are 2 types and even though my anti-virus detects and deletes them I am getting fed up with them!

  JayDay 13:40 17 Jul 2004

Get FireFox absolutely bloody brilliant!!!

click here

  TommyRed 13:42 17 Jul 2004

I use Avant tabbed browser, excellent click here HTH TR

  CurlyWhirly 13:44 17 Jul 2004


I will download it now thanks.
Do you know if there will be security patches released for it? (when needed)

  JayDay 13:49 17 Jul 2004

Yes they do.

When you have installed it if there is anything you miss from IE check out the extensions. These beauties will add loads of different features. e.g. Bookmarks sorting, google toolbars, spell checkers etc.

  CurlyWhirly 13:52 17 Jul 2004

I forgot to mmention that the 2 trojans I am on about were 'Exploit-MhtRedir.gen' and something ending in 'Code base-gen'!
I keep getting reinfected all the time and I have downloaded all Microsoft patches.

  CurlyWhirly 13:54 17 Jul 2004


I have downloaded FireFox and I am now installing it - thanks for your advice and I will try it out!

  JayDay 13:55 17 Jul 2004

This what FireFox has to say about security of its product.

Is Firefox more secure than Internet Explorer?

Yes, Firefox and all other Mozilla-based products are more secure. Why? Here is a list of the most important reasons:

* It is not integrated with Windows, which helps prevent viruses and hackers from causing damage if they somehow manage to compromise Firefox.
* There is no support for VBScript and ActiveX, two technologies which are the reasons for many IE security holes.
* No spyware/adware software can automatically install in Firefox just by visiting a web site.
* Firefox doesn't use Microsoft's Java VM, which has a history of more flaws than other Java VMs.
* You have complete control over cookies.

  CurlyWhirly 14:14 17 Jul 2004


I much prefer Firefox but I was wondering is there a way to copy my favourite folder (containing all websites that I go back to regularly) into Firefox or do I have to type them all in again?
This will take ages as I have so many of them!
I am on AOL broadband by the way and I usually use AOL's web browser even though it is really powered by IE.

  stylehurst 14:32 17 Jul 2004

I know you have already d/l Firefox, but if not happy with it, then give Opera a try. I have been using it since Version 2 (it is now 7.5). Its faster than IE and can import IE favourites. It comes with its own mail client so you can also dump Outlook Express.
Its so good I was even will ing to pay for it and get rid of the adverts.

  CurlyWhirly 14:38 17 Jul 2004


I will certainly give it a try!
The only thing with using Firefox is that when I am sent an e-mail (like the one that you just sent me) I hear a 'you have e-mail' voice but it doesn't show up on Firefox.
This means that I have to keep IE (AOL) running as well in order to read my e-mails!
You say that Opera has it's own e-mail client so I will let you know how I get on!
I am looking for it now on Google!

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