Alternative for the Euro symbol?

  anchor 09:56 08 Apr 2006

On trying to type a euro symbol today with AltG+4 I got nothing; (it did work in the past).

I tried other symbols, for example Alt+0188 for ¼ and Alt+0191 for ¿ and all was OK.

After a search of the MS site, I found that I had to use Alt+0128 €

All now OK.

  rsinbad 10:00 08 Apr 2006


  anchor 10:15 08 Apr 2006


It works in MS Word, but on this forum gives


Alt+0188 € works in both

  GroupFC 10:16 08 Apr 2006

Good morning Anchor.

Interesting - ctrl+alt+e = é, when posting here (using firefox, if that makes a difference), but in word (2000) produces the euro symbol.

posting here ctrl+alt+4 = € (and in word too!).

  rsinbad 10:50 08 Apr 2006

Ok i know it doesn't work here; but is the quickest method in word

  pj123 10:54 08 Apr 2006

Alt Gr + 4 on my keyboard gives the Euro € no problem.

  anchor 11:47 08 Apr 2006

Bon Jour GroupFC ; did you get your new printer?

Its odd; neither ctrl+alt+4, nor AltG+4 work either in Word or on here. AltG+4 used to work for me, but not any more.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:02 08 Apr 2006

Try left alt plus shift, then it may have come back to AltGrplus4

  anchor 12:08 08 Apr 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl:

Unfortunately it did not work. Anyway, at least I can now type the euro when I want. €

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