Alternative DVD burning program to Nero

  sheila.weston 18:08 01 Sep 2006

Can anyone recommend an alternative DVD burning program? I am fed up with throwing DVDs in the wastepaper basket after yet another try with Nero. Is it too much to hope that there is a free one - even a free trial would be worth looking at.


  rômanab 18:22 01 Sep 2006

I've been using this for a while and it's pretty good.

Click on the free version click here

  g0nvs 18:29 01 Sep 2006

Nero works fine for me, have you tried different media ?. Worth a try.

  ralph-226856 18:46 01 Sep 2006

Try CD Burner XP Pro, it's free and far more stable than the latest offering from Nero.
I'm still using Nero Reloaded mind you and that works perfectly. Cheers.

  BRYNIT 19:29 01 Sep 2006

Are you sure the problem is with Nero.

It could be the DVD media as g0nvs suggests or the DVD drive and last the files you are trying to burn.

If you explain the problem someone may be able to help.

  David4637 14:21 02 Sep 2006

ALWAYS use DVD RWs to start with, if the burn is OK, THEN use a DVD R. There is no need to produce coasters! David

  rômanab 14:42 02 Sep 2006

DeepBurner has never given me any coasters ;o)

  palinka 18:11 02 Sep 2006

I thought I had a problem similar to yours but it turned out to be the CD writer itself (it had been faulty from the start). I bought a new CD writer and have had no problems since. So have you ever burnt successfully with your CD writer? Or has the problem started recently after it was OK before?

  palinka 18:11 02 Sep 2006

for CD read DVD

  sheila.weston 09:18 04 Sep 2006

Many thanks, everyone. I have spent hours trying to get Nero to work properly and lots of suggestions (last January, in particular) from readers on this forum. The main problem seems to be the Disk-at-Once function. A search with Google shows that I am not the only one with this problem and there are many suggested remedies, some of which I have tried.

Yes, *I* thought the problem was the Mesh DVD burner, but the computer has recently had a new Hard Drive and the repairers tested the DVD writer and said that it didn't work for the dual-layer, but was fine for DVDs. Mind you, I am not entirely convinced so want to try an alternative.

Yes, I have tried different media: Sony, TDK, Benq, PC line etc. RW disks didn't help, either.

Deep Burner sounds good. Can it be run alongside Nero, or is it essential that I uninstall Nero?


  jbaker65 09:54 04 Sep 2006

When I started burning, I used Roxio easy cd creater 5 and have stuck with Roxio ever since. I tried version 6 and 8 but finally decided to use version 6 which does all I want. I don't need all the whistles and bells of version 8. You would find version 6 on eBay for about £5.

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