Alternating Outlook errors 0x800ccc0f and 6f

  Grendel 20:51 17 Jul 2006

This is a new one - these 0x800 errors are always a ******* nuisance but usually resolve after a separate shutdown and switch back on (which seems for some reason to be better at resolving errors than just a restart, I'd be interested in any explanations why). But not this time. Bit of a chain reaction this one - installed MS Office 2007 Beta 2 (foolishly in retrospect knowing that my PC's processor and memory were below the minimum spec). It did work but was so slow that I had to uninstall it. This caused the 0x80240030 error with MS Update, which was resolved by uninstalling Onspeed (which was redundant anyway). But in turn this has messed up sending email in Outlook 2000 - no problem receiving. MS KB and internet has plenty on each error, but nothing about getting them both, effectively alternating. Any ideas, this is a real stubborn one. Have repaired & reinstalled Office (2000) but no joy.

  Chris147 20:59 17 Jul 2006

Sounds like a Registry problem Grendel - there are a number of decent Regestry Checkers/Fixers around, you might want to get one.

By the way, reboots don't boot to the last known good version of the Registry, but to the current one. Shut Down and Restart boots the last known good version of the Registry - hence greater success...


  MAJ 21:02 17 Jul 2006

Have you checked you SMTP settings, Grendel? You also don't say who your email provider is or whether your connection is a dialup or Broadband connection.

  skidzy 21:04 17 Jul 2006
  Grendel 21:11 17 Jul 2006

Yes SMTP settings OK. Onetel, broadband - as have been for ages. Tried registry scrubber as suggested by Chris (ps max possible break is 155) but no joy so far.

  Grendel 21:13 17 Jul 2006

Skidzy's link to MS KB relates to Win 2000, I am XP SP2

  skidzy 21:15 17 Jul 2006

Apologies Grendal,i misread your thread.

  Grendel 21:23 17 Jul 2006

Common to both error messages is "Server response; 554 main; Helo command rejected. Access denied". There are some references to 554 on the net but none has been of any use.

  skidzy 21:30 17 Jul 2006

Does this help Grendel click here

  Grendel 21:40 17 Jul 2006

Sorry Skidzy no joy! Problem is with sending not delivery of email.

  MAJ 23:01 17 Jul 2006

Set up your account in Outlook *Express*, Grendel, forget Outlook for a moment. Use these settings click here whichever one is relevant to you "" or "". Also, temporarily turn off the email scanning option in your anti-virus package. See if you can then send an email without errors.

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