Alternate printing in Word

  peter4076 09:26 18 Mar 2005

Sometimes I would like to print a 16 page document, not on 16 separate sheets of A4, but on both sides, so that it reads as a novel, as anybody got any ideas about this or do I have to purchase a M$$ Word book.
Your thoughts on this will be most helpful.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 09:34 18 Mar 2005

i think you you would need a duplex printer that can print on both sides of the paper

  €dstowe 09:36 18 Mar 2005

Do you mean print double sided on eight sheets or on one large sheet to then fold and cut?

If the former, this is a function of your printer and you either have a duplex printer or instruct almost any printer to print alternate pages only, put the printed sheets back in and print the other sides with the pages that were not printed in the first pass.

If the latter, you will need a large format printer and a good deal of patience (the first time) working out how to lay the pages out.

  BRYNIT 10:30 18 Mar 2005

If you want to print page 1 on one side of A4 and page 2 on the opposite side.

In MS word to print on both sides

File/print select pages and put in number of pages in reverse i.e. 16-1, further down you will see print all pages in range, change this to odd pages this will print pages 15-1. Take pages and put into feed tray.

Now go to file/print and select even pages, this will print pages 2-16

I would suggest trying a few pages first to make sure you have put the pages in the correct way.

  carper 11:10 18 Mar 2005

I usually wait for the preview page then in the left hand panel, click on even numbers, press Option and remove page. Print all the odd ones, Reload paper and repeat the same for the even numbers. Bit tedious but it works for me Regards Carper

  peter4076 12:29 18 Mar 2005

Thanks for taking the timeout to look and answer my have all made it seem easy, feel abit foolish asking the question now, still we live and learn, and I am very grateful of all the help over the period since I first logged on (734 logs ago).......Cheers

  Taff36 13:18 18 Mar 2005

What type of document or program are you trying to print from? (Is it Word - if so which version. Or is it Notepad or some other program)

In Word 2002 for example when you go to print there is a tick box for "Manual Duplex" where it prints all even pages and then you reload the paper to ptint on the other side.

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