Altering Bitmap to please..thankyou

  bof:) 17:50 17 Jan 2003
  bof:) 17:50 17 Jan 2003

Hi all,

I know this is a bit of a Chestnut because I've seen this so often on this site but I cant find anything at all on the 'search' it still working?

Neighbour is using Nero to burn copies of photo's to cd rom disc. Then she is sending them via Outlook Express to her sister. But she is sending them as Bitmap extensions.

If she is using windows ME:

1. how do you convert bitmaps to jpeg (jpg) format?

2. is there a danger that by altering the extension some of the pictures will become 'unreadable'?

3. Does 'Nero' use Bitmap as its default setting or could it the webcam program that is doing this?

4. can bitmaps be converted in OE (version 6) to jpg just to send the photo's?



  jazzypop 18:02 17 Jan 2003

1. Use a graphics program to open the picture, then go to File > Save As, and change the File Type to jpeg. If your current program cannot do this for some reason, download the free IrfanView program. This will do what you want for any individual file - it also has a Batch option, which will convert a folder full of files to jpg's.

2. No

3. It's the webcam program - there is probably an option there to set the default picture type to jpg (or jpeg - same thing).

4. No

You're welcome :)

  bof:) 18:07 17 Jan 2003

Hi jazzypop,

thanks for the 'complete' answer.

I'll print it off before I go to the neighbours.

I'll find the option to set as jpeg on the webcam program.

Thanks again


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