Alt Tags for Images

  scotcat 21:40 30 Dec 2004


I had this thread on the help forum but maybe better here.
My son has just had his yearly Christmas visit and as usual I have to sort my PC back to working order! The only problem I have got this time is when you move the curser over pictures, the alt tag does not appear now. I know it is only a minor problem but my website has many pictures and I like to give a description on them and the tag is stil in the HTML (Dreamweaver MX). I know this is only a problem on my side and everybody else surfing my site should not have this problem. Any ideas?


  Simsy 07:05 31 Dec 2004

but you could try/check the following;

Control Panel>Internet Options

Choose the "advanced" tab

In the "Accessability" section, make sure there is a tick beside "Always expand ALT text for images"

I'm on a work machine, so I can't check this, but I suspect that this will do what you want!

Good luck,



  scotcat 18:18 31 Dec 2004

Hi Simsy,

I have tried this before but it didn't make any difference.

Thanks anyway.

  Simsy 19:10 31 Dec 2004

but it might htelp other to know;

Your operating system

Which Browser you are using.

Good luck,



  scotcat 20:47 31 Dec 2004

Using Explorer with XP(sp2). Firefox doesn't show the alt tags either but I don't know if this is just a peculiarity of this browser.


  clayts450 22:23 31 Dec 2004

Firefox doesn't use "alt" it uses "title" - bit of a pain as you ahve to code it manually, and then you get a browser error report :)

  LeadingMNMs 19:42 01 Jan 2005

According to the W3 standards, browsers are supposed to display the 'title' attribute when the image is hovered over, and the 'alt' attribute when the image can't be found, or the user is using a text only browser.

I've gone through most of the settings looking for an obvious solution but I can't find one.

If you want the alt attribute to appear in Firefox then try this extension click here I haven't tried it myself, but you may find it useful.

  LeadingMNMs 19:50 01 Jan 2005

Just to clarify, when you hover the cursor over the image, do you get the background box and no text, or nothing at all ?

  scotcat 23:46 01 Jan 2005

Images load fine but the text does not show when you move curser over the image. It has worked fine for the duration of my site which is about 6 years old now and it just disappeared about a week ago which is really puzzling me. It of course does not work on any site on the web. The alt tag is entered in Dreamweaver which has worked for years.

It works on the toolbars of explorer which is of course a different thing all together.


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