An Alt browser to IE6?

  belcanto 00:54 10 Jul 2005

Hi everyone-I have been having increasing problems with IE6-I read recently articles on both Opera and also Firebird. Can anyone tell me though how I get my favs from IE6 into either one of them-also which one should I go for in terms of both speed, reliability, features, etc. Finally are either compatible with the google/yahoo toolbars, messengers and media players, etc.

Thanks-I hope that someone can help-Floyd

  Giggle n' Bits 01:01 10 Jul 2005

look at this a different way. Your say you have had loads of problems with Internet Explorer 6.

Problems with Ie 6 are a sign your software be it either windows or the registry are damaged in some way. putting on a replacment internet browser could cos havoc and crash your machine worst case senario.

Perosnally and hopefully others will agree don't ingore problems and try to take short cuts to get arround, fix the problem or your may be finding big crash or more problems round the corner.

So which windows do you run ?

  User-312386 07:42 10 Jul 2005

I have used flashed slim browser for ages and all favourites are integrated straight away click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:06 10 Jul 2005

In Opera 8 there is an option, under the file menu, to import Explorer favourites which makes it very easy.

  octal 09:14 10 Jul 2005

I've got several browsers and you can move the bookmarks/favorites between them all, so there's no problem there, but as FAQ Man says what is the problem with your IE? It should work and you should keep it as a standby for your Windows updates.

  VoG II 09:29 10 Jul 2005

Repair IE click here

  Belatucadrus 11:16 10 Jul 2005

Opera and Firefox are both good, with loyal supporters on the forum, both are stable fast tabbed browsers and a definite improvement over IE6.

Firefox is a fairly bare bones browser that can have its functions extended by a huge range of plugins. It does not come with an e-mail component, integrating with whatever your default client is. If you also want to upgrade from Outlook Express there is the Thunderbird e-mail client that can be downloaded from the same site. There is a specific variant of the Google toolbar made for Firefox, available from Google. I don't use instant messaging of any type so can't comment on how they integrate. It's currently my favourite and has been my default browser since the Beta development days.

Opera is a more complete package coming with integral e-mail clients and other stuff, but it's not genuine freeware as the free version is funded by a rather intrusive Ad banner. You have to buy it to get rid of it. I've never really got on with it, but there are those that swear by it.

It all boils down to personal choice, try the free versions and use whatever suits you best.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:03 11 Jul 2005

I've been using Opera since version 7.52 and I am one of those who swear by it, now using 8.01. As for the banner ad, I find it is easily ignored.

  Pesala 19:05 11 Jul 2005

I never could understand why this annoys anyone. The default graphic Opera ad is an animated GIF, which I suppose could irritate a bit, but with Google ads one gets a context sensitive text-only ad with a few links. These are relevant to the site one is currently visiting.

If you really hate the animated GIF, replace \Opera\images\banner.gif with one of your own to match the skin like this one click here to match the wood theme skin: click here

  octal 19:15 11 Jul 2005

Or buy it, its not exactly a fortune.

  woodchip 19:23 11 Jul 2005

Something for you to look at click here

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