Alphabetical Tables in Front Page

  joeartis 21:53 05 Oct 2004

On my website I have lists of names that need to be in alphabetical order I cannot seem to find the right tools in Frontpage and need to create the tables as a spreadsheet and then save it and open up with frontpage and add the background etc. Surely there is away to create and edit in Front Page?

  Taran 01:04 06 Oct 2004

You can create and edit tables until the cows come home in FrontPage, but if you want to be able to order a tables content you start getting into some tricky jiggery pokery.

Web authoring programs are, by and large, a tool for visually formatting pages and sites. Once you start ordering data you go into another territory.

It is possible to order lists on a web page but not in a conventional manner and not, to my knowledge, by using a point and click menu option.

FrontPage can sort data if you use ASP pages running on a web server that supports ASP and preferably with an underlying Access or MS SQL database. You can use the SortColumn function on a Sort Order list, but as I said above, this relies on ASP and database connections.

What's wrong with creating your spreadsheet, use the sort functions in Excel to arrange your data as you want it, then highlight all the cells you want, copy them and paste them into a FrontPage web page ? It's quick, easy, it works well and if need be you can save your spreadsheet for future use.

It may be easier to do it this way than to start adding web features to a spreadsheet saved for the web. Just copy the table cells from your Excel workbook and when you paste them into FrontPage they go in as a table filled with information.

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