All's Well

  Lionheart ♥ 17:03 28 Oct 2003

Welcome back PCA :)

  VoG II 17:04 28 Oct 2003

And hello from me!

  Terrahawk 17:06 28 Oct 2003

good evening

  critic-al 17:09 28 Oct 2003

Why? where has it been??

After a few problems installing the software update, the site is now up and running again.

The vendor claims this version of the software improves the site performance and stability - watch this space!


  Lionheart ♥ 17:11 28 Oct 2003

Always the same these update's

  Djohn 17:14 28 Oct 2003

Well done in up-dating the site in as short a time as possible. Seems to be working fine. j.

  christmascracker 17:51 28 Oct 2003

Glad your back - Found myself doing something called "housework" for 2 hours!!!

  wizzy 17:55 28 Oct 2003

A least it's good to know the site is back. When I tryed accessing the site earlyer today to get to this fourm all I got was 'Connection to server failed.'

  christmascracker 17:58 28 Oct 2003

We did get a warning from FE yesterday that the site would be down for a couple of hours

  woodchip 17:59 28 Oct 2003

Well at last it seem's to be all coming together. Which I could say the same for my Van Heater

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