Allow IPX/SPX protocol driver (NWLink.vxd)?

  Kalitechnis 21:51 15 Jul 2005

Please can anyone tell me whether I can safely allow (in my Personal Firewall rules) the Windows IPX/SPX protocol driver (NWLink.vxd).

I have 2 computers (1x 98se, 1x XP home) newly hooked up to an adsl router.

Thanks for any help.


  mgmcc 08:41 16 Jul 2005

Not sure where the connection lies between your firewall and IPX/SPX protocol.

Firewalls, whose function is to block unwanted/malicious traffic from the internet, work in conjunction with TCP/IP protocol.

IPX/SPX is a LAN protocol which cannot interact with the internet and isn't, as far as I'm aware, affected by firewalls.

  Kalitechnis 09:29 16 Jul 2005


Many thanks for your reply.
I'm afraid I'm still none the wiser, however. This protocol NWLINK.vxd tries to access the internet often.
I would still like to know whether it's OK to allow it access to the internet.


  Kalitechnis 09:32 16 Jul 2005

Oh, btw, I maybe should clarify that I'm talking about my software firewall (Sygate), rather than the router's firewall, which I have not touched as I am not au fait enough with it (the router,s instructions say not to touch if inexperienced).



  mgmcc 09:33 16 Jul 2005

Say "No" in your firewall settings, because there is no reason for it to access the internet.

  Kalitechnis 10:39 16 Jul 2005


Great, that's what I needed to know.

Thanks very much for imparting your expertise.


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