All Video Converting Software Crashes/Freeze

  DavidM4 20:20 21 Nov 2007

I've tried several different apps to convert my avis and mpegs to DVD but they all crash, freeze or restart my PC, I've tried countless times never once completing a conversion!

Software I've tried includes Nero, WinAVI and ImTOO, I've even tried re-installing Windows!

Whats going on, please help I'm wasting my life.

Thanks in advance David m

  eedcam 22:29 21 Nov 2007

Could be your pc is'nt up to the job all video work is pretty power hungry.Make sure nothing else is running at the same time, that you have plenty of Ram and Hard disc space and a recent defrag

  DavidM4 19:46 22 Nov 2007

I run the apps on their own, my master is 120GB with less than 10% used, my slave the same and empty and external is 500GB, so I've been out and bought 1GB more ram (after a Crucial scan and recommendation).

Now this is where the real problems have begun!

I fitted the new memory no problem but fired up the PC and the monitor wouldn't respond, so shut down and removed the RAM and it started OK, so refit and nothing again! So removed and now there's still nothing, with new RAM out and old RAM in! Is my PC goosed, I've checked the monitor cables and grapics card and they're snug. Please help. Cheers David m

  eedcam 22:52 22 Nov 2007

Ouch fraid cant help re the ram problem .As for the original ok you had the space that leaves either Processor or graphics card but none of the software you are using is particularly hungry compared to adobe etc.,

  anchor 13:37 23 Nov 2007

I suggest you post a new thread about your latest memory problem. It may get the answers you need, which this thread probably wont.

Meantime, with regard to your original question about converting video to DVD, have a look at DVD Flick. I have used it successfully; its free too.

click here

  DavidM4 19:31 23 Nov 2007

I've got it up and running again with just the old ram inserted and guess what? AV has picked up a trojan which I have deleted and all afore mentioned software is doing the biz so the effin trojan must of been the memory sapp when converting me thinks.

Now I've got 1g ram stick sat looking at me on my mouse mat! (new thread alert!!!!)

Cheers David m

  eedcam 22:28 23 Nov 2007

never rains but it pours at least its working

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