All the threes WHY?

  Legolas 19:26 19 Mar 2003

I have Pop-Up-Stopper running set in aggressive mode why does it not block these rather annoying three,s, and has anyone discovered how to block them.

  A Pound of Sausages 19:29 19 Mar 2003

I've never seen these 3's of any kind!

I use EMS Free Surfer mk II and Norton Personal Firewall's ad blocker.

  obbit 19:30 19 Mar 2003

i use crazy browser kills all known pop ups ever invented

  obbit 19:31 19 Mar 2003

click here crazy browser

  Sketch 19:33 19 Mar 2003

Haven't seen an ad or pop up on a site since Norton Firewall. Sorry.


  MAJ 19:34 19 Mar 2003

Also have Popup Stopper by Panicware, never saw "threes" before, of course I also run Adaware, Spybot and Spywareblaster, maybe they have something to do with my three free browsing.

  Djohn 19:37 19 Mar 2003

I only see them on average twice a visit. Now I know some people will disagree with me, but I quite like them, they nicely morph from one colour to another, usually sit and watch them for a couple of minutes,then Zap em! J. :o)

  barrie_g 19:38 19 Mar 2003

not had any three's today, no popup stopper installed, just avg.

  woodchip 19:49 19 Mar 2003

I use Netscape7 and do not see any pop-up's of any kind

  woodchip 19:51 19 Mar 2003

PS I have removed IE from my system completely

  « Ravin » 19:51 19 Mar 2003


but actually i don't mind them on the main page easier to ignore than a pop up since i can log on etc with them on one corner of the page. its when they appear on the main page and blocks the threads when it gets annoying.looks like its a part of the page rather than a pop up which could be why your pop up stopper isn't blocking them.

the more we use software to kill ads the more innovative ads get to circumvent those software :)

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