To all those helping to resolve problems

  sean-278262 15:51 28 Jan 2003

I was recently wondering about the people that try so had to help me and other people solve our problems and was wondering IF that is all they do on the internet and if so why??? Thanks to all the GREAT PROBLEM SOLVERS


  €dstow 15:56 28 Jan 2003

If you include me in that, I run my own business and pop in here occasionally during the day. It may seem more but it amounts to only a few minutes.

PCA is not my main internet use by any means and even though I may remain logged on all day, I am using the internet for other things.


  Djohn 16:02 28 Jan 2003

Well I do it because I don't seem to have any probs. so I try to help those that have.

  MalcSP 16:07 28 Jan 2003

My motive is that I try and repay by helping others if I can, I have had my own problems solved on several occasions (including today), and I learn by looking through this site on a regular basis because I have the time to save time at work.

  Wak 16:16 28 Jan 2003

It's either read the Computer forums and try to learn something or sit and watch games shows all day on the tele with the Missus.
Which would you rather do????

  Squall 16:16 28 Jan 2003

is alive and well on PCA apparently.

I am sure that there are many different reasons why people help out. Personally, trouble shooting is a big part of my job. By helping out here and checking out the various threads I may just find out a few things that might come in handy further down the road.

Also, its not like I don't have the time. Network Admin is slow sometimes!!

  rawprawn 16:17 28 Jan 2003

Although no great computer buff, I try to help where I can, to repay all the help that has been given to me. Like MalcSP, I try to learn by reading other peoples problems & seeing the solutions. I am retired but can't afford broadband so I pop in and out during the day when I am about.

  shifty 16:19 28 Jan 2003

I visit the site regularly picking up tips from the different forums, and giving my own input if I can be of help. With friends and family who are all computer novices all the information coming through here is very important.

  sean-278262 16:25 28 Jan 2003

Thanks for clearing my question up. I was really interested in finding out why you all do it!!! I think i shal leave the post open to let others tell their story

  pj123 16:27 28 Jan 2003

I am the same as Edstow I run my own business which it teaching IT, repairing, updrading and building PCs.

If I can help someone i will. If I do not know the answer I will try and find out and post a response. We all don't know everything but I am sure between us all we can find out. If it helps then we are happy. You never know we might have a problem ourselves.

  Peter E 16:36 28 Jan 2003

When I first joined the forum I asked for help on a couple of occasions and the response was super.

I pop in to the forum when I can and if I can help with a problem then that's what I do (though I don't consider myself a major helper). Also I learn a lot from viewing the responses to problems. I'm not a "techie" but I know a bit about applications so I usually help with these.

I suppose it makes us feel good when we help - and we can all contribute in some way, no matter how minor. But there are people on here who are major contributors - and thank goodness for them!!!

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