all sound windows grayed out

  Aerons the man 19:50 09 May 2010

I recently discovered I had a problem with the sound, there was none. I reinstalled the Dell onboard driver but nothing.
I bought a Lindy USB sound card but this doesn`t work either. USB works great on the other computer,also a Dell. I have tried Googling an every thing they said to try didn`t work and some of them I haven`t a clue what they were talking about.
The PC is an elderly Dell Dimension 2400

Has anyone got any ideas?

  james105051 20:02 09 May 2010

Without knowing what you have tried in the past it's difficult to advise. My first thoughts would be to check the BIOS to see if the onboard sound is set to "Enabled or "Auto"

  Sea Urchin 22:23 09 May 2010

"I bought a Lindy USB sound card but this doesn`t work either"

Did you install the driver for the new sound card?

  Aerons the man 15:18 10 May 2010

james105051 and sea urchin

Firstly,sea urchin, I have installed the driver which came with the device (many times) and tried the one from Lindy`s site,no luck.
james105051 I have gone through the troubleshooting sections on the sound windows and everything is greyed out, I don`t know if this helps but the icons in thetaskbar and start menu, customize (past items) do not match what the title is, ie ` zone alarm icon says installing updates`
is this of any help?

  Aerons the man 23:27 11 May 2010

I found out myself through google that it was a fault with DirectX and on installing it again things worked out
Thamks to all who contributed

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