All Right So Far?

  Nancy166 08:16 17 Sep 2005

I've recently had some major problems with my Windows XP...well major for me anyway! Windows disappeared and a long message came on screen.....beginning a problem has been detected etc etc. and then DRIVER-IRQL-NOT- LESS OR EQUAL and then telling me to disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. Yeah right!
I could return to windows but then couldn't access the internet so I suspected that that was the problem.Uninstalled AOL and Broadband and then reinstalled. So far so good. Whether the whole thing will start again I don't know. I'm working in the dark here. Do you think I've solved the problem as I have no idea what DRIVER- IRQ etc means. Finally I'm left with a pop up message saying Local network connection unplugged. Nothing is unplugged so is it trying to tell me something else? How do I get rid of it?

Thanks guys


  Diodorus Siculus 08:29 17 Sep 2005

If you get another not-less-or-equal message, try to write it all down and post here; that way someone may come up with a solution.

[quote]Local network connection unplugged[/quote]

Can you click on the network connection it refers to? Could be that that when you reinstalled AOL, it created a new connection but thinks that the old one is still needed.

Do you have the XP CD? If so, click here
scannow sfc - how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker).

  Gongoozler 08:45 17 Sep 2005

DRIVER-IRQL-NOT- LESS OR EQUAL is one of those cryptic Microsoft messages that really tell you nothing. The most common cause appears to be two devices trying to access the same IRQ at the same time (an IRQ is essentially a device trying to get the processors attention irq = interrupt request, equivalent to an "excuse me I want to tell you something". Physically they are bits of circuit track connected to the processor. There's a finite number of them so they have to be shared between devices. click here)
The "network cable is unplugged" popup should only occur briefly when a LAN cable is disconnected, other than that the icon should sit in the taskbar and only give you the message when you hover the curser over it. If you are getting the popup all the time, try this. Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Network Connections. Right click on "Local Area Connection" and select "Disable"

  patsyanne 09:01 17 Sep 2005

I used to have the same message when i installed a new program it use to say something about "dump" as well ,have you just installed any new programs ?

  patsyanne 09:02 17 Sep 2005

DRIVER-IRQL-NOT- LESS OR EQUAL put that into Google and see what comes up .

  patsyanne 09:08 17 Sep 2005

Or go into "events manager " and see what that says my brother sorted mine out for me .

  Yoda Knight 09:10 17 Sep 2005

Sounds like it could be that your hardware for accessing broadband is conflicting with something

  patsyanne 10:03 17 Sep 2005

I just looked it up and it came up with Graphic card problem but that was not my problem with the same blue screen saying the same words in the events manager it said why the computer crashed .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 17 Sep 2005

Earlier service packs may have had issues with the TCP handling; updating the Service Pack will resolve the issue. Ensure you have the latest service pack installed in the computer.

Drivers which have errors of their own can also cause the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. Consider updating or reinstalling your drivers (more specifically, your network and/or SCSI drivers).

In the event that the above information does not help to resolve your issue it is possible that the computer may be encountering a hardware issue. Attempt to exchange or replace hardware in the computer. Recommendation would be:- RAM / CPU / NIC

  Nancy166 11:23 18 Sep 2005

Many thanks for all of your replies. So far so good re message.Hopefully reinstalling did the trick.BUT I haven't reinstalled the printer yet!! Some of you mentioned Event Manager....where and what is that? Never used it.

Thanks again


  VoG II 11:26 18 Sep 2005

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