all photos and videos on desktop

  badgermansix 19:08 25 Sep 2010

Windows 7, Picasa3 and Firefox.

whilst using my friends computer, I managed to press some key or other, and all of his pictures and videos on his PC appeared on the desktop as icons along with his usual desktop items, what have I done and any suggestions please, we just do not know how to remove them. thanks

  Pineman100 19:15 25 Sep 2010

So long as you're quite sure that the desktop icons are only shortcuts to the photo files, you can just delete them without affecting the files themselves.

Right-click on a shortcut, then left-click delete on the popup menu.

If you want to delete a lot of files, all at the same time, hold down control while you left-click on each of them in turn. This will select them all. Now hover your cursor over one of the selected shortcuts and right-click. Then delete as above.

  badgermansix 19:42 25 Sep 2010

Pineman100, we are not sure, for we cannot see the small arrow normally assocciated with a short cut, yes we can back up and delete them but there are thousands of them, but what on earth did I do to make this happen in the first place?

I use Picasa3 at home (windowsxp Pro) and I have never had this happen there.

I'm assuming of course that it was picasa in the first instance (which I had used earlier.

  badgermansix 07:35 26 Sep 2010

I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that the file name for the pictures ends with .img, not the expected .jpg.

Does this help please?

  Pineman100 11:11 26 Sep 2010

Some image editing software uses the .img extension. But I believe it is also used by some system imaging (ie: backup) software. Is it possible that your friend has some backup software, and that the destination for the backup has been erroneously specified as the desktop?

But we need to establish whether these are shortcuts or the actual image files themselves (or copies of the original jpegs).

1. What is the file size of the icons? Right-click on one or two of them, then click on Properties, then the General tab. You can see the file size on this tab. If the files are all very small - say around 1KB to 5KB, then they're very likely to be shortcuts.

2. Run a search in Windows Explorer for a number of the filenames, but instead of putting the extension after the dot, put an asterisk - like this: filename.*

If all the search results show two identical files - one ending .jpg and one ending .img, then I reckon the original jpegs have somehow been copied. So I think you can safely delete all the .img files. But back up everything first, just in case.

  badgermansix 11:41 26 Sep 2010

Pineman100, thanks for that, we will have a look and come back.

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