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  the kopite 15:21 21 Mar 2006

Hi Guys I have just started to make a web page and belive me when I say I am new not only to web design but to computers. My problem is when I view the site in full screen it looks great but when I minimise the window the text goes all over the place I am using a combination of HTML and Nuv wyseyg is that the reason thanks Kopite

  ade.h 15:27 21 Mar 2006

Sounds like you are using dynamic page layouts of some kind (whereby content resizes and objects move). Can you give us a link if it's on some webspace yet?

  the kopite 10:52 29 Mar 2006

Hi ade.h sorry been away my web site is not online yet(will it ever be laughing) what is dynamic overlay please thanks kopite

  ade.h 15:55 29 Mar 2006

Dynamic overlay? Sounds like an oxymoron to be honest. In fixed page layouts, objects can overlay each other because everything is fixed in position and therefore doesn't need to relate to adjacent objects. Images can sit behind text boxes, etc. This is the most stable type of layout. Dynamic page layouts don't allow overlay, but can create centred pages, resizable pages, and so on.

Bear in mind that I'm coming at this from a wizzywig/DTP-style background, rather than a coding background.

  the kopite 16:44 29 Mar 2006

thanks ade.h understood I think lol kopite

  JBX22 05:38 03 Apr 2006

I agree with ade.h. Different programs (e.g. Front Page; hand coded; Dreamweaver etc) handle positioning in different ways. For example in FP you can select absolute positioning or relative positioning. Equally different browsers display different types of coding differently.

Most often people create the entire page as a table and then merge the cells as required to fit their content, hide the grid lines and hey presto. Once it it in a table the content is much less likely to move. Also use sensible table widths - over 500 pixels and most people will start to lose info, especially if they are printing it.

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